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  1. Hi,
    I have been asked to put together a proposal to shoot team and player pcitures for a youth basketball league. Several hundred kids.
    They use this as a fund raiser and I understand the practice is that the photographer pays a set percentage to the league based on total sales.
    Does anyone have any experience to share as to how much is a reasonable amount? 10% or 15%
    Thanks in advance!
  2. When I have done it the flat rate was $3 per order.
  3. We do 20% but it's a tight market here and we build some of it back into the price.
  4. I always do 10%. sometimes ill give them more if they are willing to help promote you and let the parents know whats going on. that helps a lot. ive had a league ask for 20% when there are other photographers walking around selling stuff without league approval, and the league wouldnt even ask them to leave. so you need to know what your dealing with and ask the league to help, most of the time they wont but sometimes you find a really nice person involved with the league that will help you out without asking anything in return. (some will help for a discount on their pictures)
  5. Chicago is 20% market but, there are ways to be fair. People say our methods sometimes are brash or deceptive but, it's no different in the world of retail so get over it. We pay 20% on every package sold. It's spelled out clearly in the contract that is signed with the league, school, dance studio etc...We do not pay commission on such things as digital retouching (5$ charge), add-ons (10-15$) we used to not allow people to buy add-on only but have since changed our philosophy. The big one that has made the diffence is personalization. You can buy package 1 xx$ which we pay 20% commission but, we do not pay commission on the extra 5$ to personalize the wallets with their name and year. There are a thousand ways to be creative but, be careful sometimes you can out smart yourself as we have done many many times

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