People included in pet photos

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by lauramclean, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Can someone tell me how to go about covering the release for individuals who
    want their pets photographed and then having them involved in the final images
    as well? Do you do two seperate releases - one property release for the
    animals and another one for the people?

  2. Animals are property and you don't need a release to use photos of them unless trademark issues are involved. You don't need a release to use a photograph of a person unless it is used commercially instead of editorially.
  3. I am planning on using the images for my portfolio, entries into local photographic competitions and possible stock; so I assume that the condition on which a release would be required would be different.
  4. Laura, I've been doing a lot of this lately. I have two sections on my release. One section allows for the listing of any pets included in a shoot. The second section allows for the listing of all humans. Each adult that's an immediate family member and is included in the shoot signs the release. If any adults, not in the immediate family are included, I have a separate release for them (so I have their address phone etc.). Of course the adult signing on behalf of any minors must be a parent or legal guardian. If shooting on property that belongs to someone other than those included in the photos, I get a release for that too. It might be overkill but you never know how you might want to use the photos in the future.

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