people & culture in thar desert (villages around jaisalmer)

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  1. respected users, i am an amateur photographer. i wish to make a project showing people and their culture in the thar desert, esp. in the villages around jaisalmer. if you have some information, kindly let me know the names of the interesting villages around jaisalmer with it's particular attraction. if you post a small image of the same will be much helpful. your tips for the same will be an additional bonus. please, let me know whatever comes to your mind regarding those places or even suggestion for my project. thanking you. nevil zaveri
  2. If you Google it you will find photos.
  3. From Jaisalmer, most people visit Badabagh, Ramkunda, Lodurva, Kahala, Kanoi, and Sam. Sam has beautiful sand dunes. Kanoi and Kahala have cute houses. Cheers.
  4. @amy,

    thank you for your response. i have been to these villages long back and they are favourite among tourist circuit. apart from these, i am looking for some typical village with somethings unusual in rituals, culture or architecture.

    these villages are scattered around the road from jaisalmer to sam (am i right, amy?).

    nevil zaveri

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