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  1. theres a new pentax in town...the 645 autofocus?? anybody know anything about it...pentax has told me it will be released in the spring...just like the 645,,only autofocus!!!
  2. Yes, it's true. I know little details. It has already been shown on Imagination 98 in the World Trade center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The focusing is done in the lens, so it is not the system that contax has developped for the AX. It looks very similar to the current 645.
    I've been told that next month it will be for sale in the Netherlands. No price have been mentioned yet. I've not been able to see the mount of the lens so i do not know if the old version is compatible.
  3. I read a little article on the new Pentax 645n with AF. There are very few details yet, but here's what I found: The lens mount remains the same, so old lenses can be used, but of course only without AF. The following AF-lenses will be introduced: 45mm, 75mm, 45-85mm, 300mm, 400mm. More lenses will probably follow. The 645n offers three AF-points like in modern AF-SLRs.
    What I can tell from the little picture I saw: The shape is roughly the same, so I think there are no exchangeable finders. Probably there will be no replaceable film-backs, either (as far as I can see). Two dials can bee seen at the top. I guess they replace the puch-bottoms.


    I hope this helps!


    Alexander Starcevic, Baden/Switzerland

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