Pentax POTW 2/19/2017

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    Okay all, the Luddite is back in action. I haven't figured out everything here yet (even how to set the URL for my own images!). It will come in time.

    Meantime a few images from last evening with the K1

    West Park, Carmel, IN. K1 with FA 20-35

    Marsh Mallow Pods. K1 with Pentax 55-300 version i
    Mallard Impressions. K1 with 55-300 + 1.4XTC.
  2. Douglas, if you are posting from Flickr you just need to copy the BBCode instead of the embed code like we did before. You also don't have to delete from the code like before either.

    I caught a couple of good sunsets this week.
    K-1 & 15-30
    [​IMG]IMGP2704-Edit by Matt Burt, on Flickr

    K-1 & Rokinon 14/2.8
    [​IMG]IMGP2774-Edit by Matt Burt, on Flickr

    Warm skate skiing on the local trails this morning. Also, off the trails since the crust is very supportive. You can ski anywhere!
    [​IMG]IMGP8345-Edit by Matt Burt, on Flickr
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