Pentax P30, P30n and P30T

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these 3 models ? Also any
    other in the series. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Walter.

    The P30 (P3 in the USA) was the original model, and offered a program mode with KA lenses, plus manual. The P30N (P3n) added the option of aperture priority auto exposure as well. The P30T is like a P30N but in a titanium colour finish. There may be other minor difference that I've forgotten about! Don't know of any other models, though there may have been some Special Editions?

    There's a good summary of the models here:

    ...and you can download the manuals for the P3 models here:

    Hope this helps!
  3. I believe the later 'n' models also include a connector for a mechanical cable release. P3n was my first non-borrowed SLR; A very simple camera--no Tv, Exposure comp, manual ISO...but it's smaller and lighter than a K1000, offers P & Av modes, and includes DoF preview, exposure lock, and a self timer.
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    The P30 has no remote release

    The P30n and P30T have a release that is BOTH mechanical AND Electronic (With Cable Switch A)

    The P30N is Black and has a horizontal focus aid

    The P30T is Gunmetal grey and has a Diaginal focus aid (especially useful if your image lacks vertical items to focus on)
  5. regarding the lack of cable release on the P30:

    If the P30 is indeed the same as the P3 then it should have a cable release (mechanical). The P3 was my first SLR and I have taken many pictures with it using the cable release.

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