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  1. How about another Pentax only contest? You guys know Maria and I are W. T. Duck fans so I just can't pass this up! The prize on this one is my undying gratitude. Get the slides here:
    No limit on the number of entries, the only rule is that the comic must pertain to the Pentax forum. The contest never closes, winners will be notified by telepathy.
    This one's for you, Hin:
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    No copywrite images, ok?
  3. Uh, Doug - I'm pretty sure Aaron is cool with this stuff. Did you read the interview linked above? The real contest:
    How about this one:
  5. oops... wrong button...
  6. Couple things here:
    A: While I appreciate the enthusiasm of the Pentax forum, I'm going to nix the plan because we already have a WTD contest going on. I'd like to keep all of that sort of thing in the same place. There isnt' really anything to be gained by having a "pentax only" WTD contest and there is something to be lost by splitting up an existing contest. Aaron is a good guy and he deserves to have the contest be as successful as possible.
    B. Contrary to most other situations on, WTD comics are one of the very few things that can be posted by someone other than the author. It is a very special case, but it is one that I personally know for a fact that the copyright holder not only allows, but encourages people to post their work across the internet.
    C: That having been said, we do still need to respect Aaron's copyright. He okayed the contest that we are doing, he didn't okay messing with his creations for anything else. It may very well be that he wouldn't care at all. But I'm sure we all understand that there is a world of difference between someone saying "it is okay if you republish my work elsewhere" and saying "it is okay if you hack up, change, and use my work for your own needs and then publish it elsewhere". He at least would deserve the courtesy of a "do you mind if we do this..." email before something like this was allowed.
    Thread closed.

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