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  1. Аnyone familiar with Pentax MX mechanics ? I shall be grateful on any advise regarding the following.
    While I was traveling abroad the shutter button of my Pentax MX fell off, and the camera had to undergo an emergency fix by a film camera technician. Only months later, after a ruined film with multiple exposures I realized that, perhaps in a hurry, he assembled the camera incorrectly. On the underplate there is a button which when pressed disengage the camera film-winding mechanism; it is used to wind back the film, and when taking multiple exposures. And here lies the problem: one can wind back the film without problem, but one can't take double exposures anymore because with the button pressed the film advance sprocket gears still engage when cocking the shutter and the film moves; interestingly, the film is not transported a complete frame, but about half of it (the film that was ruined had all multiple exposures overlapping one another by half).

    The situation is very unfortunate because I take a lot of multiple exposures thus I can't use the camera (which I love) anymore. Yet it will be very complicated (and expensive) to send the camera back to the same technician because we live quite far apart in different countries and parcels are subjected to various taxes and duties.

    Does any of you have an idea what in the mechanics could be causing the problem; and how complicated would be to repair it?
  2. John Titterington has repaired several Minolta cameras for me. I send the Pentax cameras to Eric Hendrickson.
    Eric Hendrickson
    PO Box 70612
    Knoxville, TN 37938
    Cell/phone 865 278-4107
  3. I've been able to secure several MXs at around $25 per body recently. You may wish to bid against me at I got another at a thrift store, and another at a club camera sale. Put your mind to it, and just replace it. There are lots of them out there. The MX is fantastic. I know. I have four.
  4. I've been able to secure several MXs at around $25 per body recently. You may wish to bid against me at​
    So you're the one! I've been outbit a couple of times there on MXes. Or maybe you aren't because they got bidded up higher than $25.
    The way you are with MXes, I'm that way with Canon FTbs -- I just can't stand to see them sit there going for next to nothing, so I end up bidding on them. In the past few months I've probably bought four or five off Why? I dunno. I certainly don't need more than one. Or maybe more than one in each color -- chrome and black :) I have a soft spot for the FTb. That was the camera that taught me elements of photography. But I have a decent sized Pentax collection now, and it really needs an MX. Preferably black.
  5. Brad C. hits the nail on the head.
    If there isn't any sentimental value attached to Ivo's camera, then a bargain replacement certainly makes the most sense...
    BTW, I too have several, I love these simple & ultra compact MX dynamo's.
  6. Thanks to all for replies. I still hope to fix my camera - not for sentimental value, but simply because would be a shame to throw away such a wonderful fully (almost) machine.
  7. Btw, I live in Europe (Belgium) so sending the camera to the US is out of the question. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.
  8. I have one MX. It's black. It was brought back to life by Eric Hendrickson. There is some brassing near the strap lugs. The camera is nice and small even if it's it not that light. Right now there is a 35/2.8 SMC-M on it. What I liked about it was the interchangeable focusing screens. It has the standard microprism screen now and I also have an S screen which will go in at some point. Next will be a grid screen. I don't know whether I will ever be interested in an LX. I have Canon F-1s, Nikon F2s and a Topcon RE Super so I have 35mm cameras with interchangeable finders.
  9. AJG


    Jeff--if you wear glasses when you shoot you will appreciate the LX, one of the first cameras with adjustable diopter built in to several of the finders available. The view is also a bit brighter than the MX and there is a little more eye relief since the magnification is a bit lower. I used 4 MX bodies for years for professional work and pretty much wore them out, and replaced them with LX bodies then, of which I still have two in great working condition. Both sets of cameras were extremely reliable for me and I ran a lot of film through them. The grid screen was my favorite, and I installed one in every single one that I have used.
  10. I only need eyepiece correction lenses for some cameras. I seem to be fine with the MX without any. Many of my cameras have grid screens. These include Canon F-1s, Nikon F2s, Nikon FE and FE2 cameras, Nikon N2020, N8008, N90S/F90X, Minolta X-700 (screens very hard to find), Konica Autoreflex T2 and FT-1 (both transplanted Nikon E screens from FE), Olympus OM2S/OM2N, Bronica GS-1, SQ-A, SQ-AM, ETR, ETRS, Mamiya RB67 Pro/Pro S, RZ67, M645/J/1000S. I have a grid screen for the Mamiya NC1000S and I am planning to get grid screens for the Topcon RE Super (#4) and Canon AE-1 Program (there's a plain matte screen in there now). My working Canon A-1 has the standard screen but I have a non-working body with a grid screen. When I get the working A-1 serviced there will be a transplant. How did I get so interested in grid screens? Years ago my only SLRs were Konicas. They were difficult to use for macro work and with slower lenses and zooms. In 1984 I had Professional Camera Repair in NY install a Nikon E screen into an FT-1. I still have and use that camera more than 30 years later. Greg Weber has kept it going. Many years later Greg installed an E screen into a black Autoreflex T2. I find a plain matte screen better only for higher magnification macro work. The grid lines are a good sharpness reference and also help with composition.
  11. I have both, MX and LX. Although LX was clearly conceived and build to a higher standard something in the MX body proportions and weight make it more comfortable in my hand.
  12. I've had the WORST experience with Eric.

    Please read more in the thread "Some Early Spotmatic Indulgence" at, section Pentax Film SLR Discussion, if you want to learn about how deeply unprofessional Eric is.

    My post are under username: jan.smely

    Some Early Spotmatic Indulgence -
  13. You come here simply to disparage Eric.
    I have had nothing but honest fair service from him.
    Your only messages here are about that.
    I read your posts at the Pentax Forum and found you not to be credible.
    He refunded your money.
    Sour grapes.
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