Pentax K7 and a manual Samyang 500mm 1:6.3DX lens

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by marcdeseke, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hello

    I have difficulties to make sharp pictures with my lens. Is there any way my K7 can monitor or indicate when my image or focus is sharp? Thank you.

    Marc Deseke Belgium
  2. AJG


    The K7 does have live view, which is probable easier to check focus with than the optical finder. Auto focus usually struggles with lenses with such a small maximum aperture, if this lens has it.
  3. Is using Pentax' focus trap mode an option with the K7?
  4. Jochen, thank you for your reply. It seems that the function is available in the manual, but not working with the lens...
  5. Thank you for your reply. It is an option yes, but still a small screen to adjust to. No possibility to zoom in as far as I know....
  6. Ah, sorry about the not working focus trap. I just tried with *istD Beroflex 400mm f6.4 & a bunch of extension tubes at home. - one seems to need an A lens, not just plain k-mount for that feature to work. So I fear you are down to using a VF magnifier for precision focusing.
    An alternative to use your given lens would be adapting it on something mirrorless, to gain focus peaking and EVF magnification. If you are shooting slowly from a rocksolid tripod an old Fuji X-E 1 might cut the cake for not too much money. If you want to splurge: Ponder the Sony A 6000 series and check out if the A6500's steady shot / IBIS can be set to work with your 500mm. - AFAIK Pentax' SR only supports lenses up to 300mm.
    If I somewhat seriously wanted to shoot long lenses, I'd probably pick a Nikon D500 with their new 200-500mm zoom.
  7. Marc,
    The fault may not be your focusing or your camera. I had one of those Samyang family (Rokinon) 500mm mirror lenses and it was just not sharp. Nothing I did could produce a sharp picture. I then got a Tamron 500mm mirror and voila, the pictures are sharp as a tack. I think the Samyang 500mm is just a poor lens.
  8. thank you for your reply... and your time.
  9. Thank you Wayne for your reply. The Tamron lens is for the moment way beyond my budget. But thank you for sharing.
  10. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Another inexpensive option (provided you have a decent tripod) 500mm f4.5 Takumar (with a screw to K adapter)

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