Pentax K1000 compared to Konica T4 slr

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  1. I am looking into getting a used manual slr. The two i'm looking at
    are the Pentax K1000 and the Konica T4. You don't hear alot about
    the Konica t4 but what you hear is good. What are the main
    differences between these two bodies as far as features and
    functionality are concerned?
  2. K1000 has 1/60 flash sync, 1/1000 top speed, no depth-of-field preview, no mirror-lock-up, no autofocus or autoexposure. No self-timer. It does have a PC socket.

    The K1000 has limitations on metering that can be rather irritating. If you plan to use very fast or very slow film, consider something else.

    There are a number of other Pentax bodies that would be just as good or better than the K1000- don't limit yourself to it. It tends to be overpriced due to reputation as a "beginner" camera.

    Don't know about the Konica. What lenses does it use?
  3. The T4 was the top of the line at Konica. Like other Konicas, it has a mechanical shutter and shutter-priority autoexposure in addition to manual control. Flash synch is at 1/125, and unlike the Pentax it accepts a winder. Also unlike the Pentax, it has a self timer, depth-of-field preview and provision for multiple exposures. Lens aperture scale is visible in the viewfinder. The meter takes PX625 mercury batteries, which are no longer available, but you should be able to substitute Zinc/Air #675 hearing aid batteries with acceptable results. I don't know if 625A alkalines will work well or not.

    Overall, the T4 is an altogether more capable and flexible camera than the K1000. It does, however, have one serious disadvantage: the Konica lens mount. It will be much easier for you to find lenses for the Pentax than the Konica in the 21st century.

    rick :)=
  4. Why not look at the Ricoh cameras of similar vintage? They tend to sell for less then the pentaxes and provide a K mount. The sears cameras are the same cameras I think but sell for even less because nobody wants a sears-)
  5. I second that; the Ricoh XR7 easily outperforms both the K1000 and the T4; it was sold by Sears as the Sears KS2.

  6. Actually, the T4 was an outstanding camera. But it WILL be much harder to find lenses for it than for the K-mount. OTOH, the Konica AR-mount lenses CAN be gotten dirt cheap on ebay. I paid under $20 each for the Konica Hexanon-AR 28mm f3.5, and 135mm f3.2 lenses. And they are of outstanding quality. Konica was and is a SUPERB optics manufacturer, better, IMHO, than Nikon, Canon, or Pentax in many cases.
  7. Thank you all for the responses. Very helpful.
  8. vid


    Why not go for a pentax MX. A lot more capable camera...
  9. Hi Jim,
    I will be selling a Konica camera collection as an estate sale.
    This equipment is not only in MINT condition, but has just been tested, and fully serviced for a cost of $150. The cameras have been cleaned, and each has had an electronic shutter test, both are working flawlessly.
    It includes:
    1 Konica T4 Body W/new batteries)
    1 Konica Motor Winder for T4
    1 Konica T Body W/new batteries)& accessory clip
    1 Konica Hexanon 57mm/1.4 lens
    1 Konica Hexanon 35mm/2.8 lens
    1 Soligor 90-230/4.5 Zoom with lens 360 Tripod mount
    3 UV filters one on each lens (57mm with rubber hood)
    1 KFT Auto Teleplus 2X Converter
    1 Super Albimar Auto Teleplus 3X Converter in BLK/Leather case
    1 M.A.B. Bellows
    1 Minolta Screw on Close-up lens No.2 for 57mm/1.4 or 35mm/2.8 lens
    1 Vivitar 55mm Cross-Screen fits 35mm & 57mm lens as above
    1 Konica 35mm rectangular len hood
    1 Toshiba Auto Strobe light Model# 718
    1 Metal Camera Case with Grey non scratch surface & 3 foam inserts
    that houses all the gear.
    All equipment is like-new, some has never been used.
    We are looking to sell all for $575. This is in to good shape to sell on ebay. Would rather see it go to someone who's passionate and appreciates such a beautiful camera collection. You will not be dissapointed...Thanks, Carl
    If interested please respond ASAP to:

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