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  1. Can anyone explain to me whether Pentax K mount and M42 mount are any
    Can I use the M42-EOS adapter with Pentax K mount lenses?
    I did read the reviews about this, but it remains very daunting!
  2. m42 is screw mount, K is bayonet mount, you need a kmount to EOS adapter
  3. You can't make such an adapter, or at least you could, but you'd have to do surgery on the K-mount lens to enable it to fit on an EOS body, even via an adapter. The aperture selector lever that sticks out of the back of the lens would have to be removed (sawn off).

    This might not be a big deal if you never wanted to use the lenses on a K-mount camera ever again, but it means that Pentax-K to EOS adapters are very rare since most people wouldn't want to do surgery on their lenses.

  4. In addition, the registration distance is too close for an adapter.
  5. Ryan - You didn't read my link, did you!

    The registration distance (flange to focal plane) is NOT too small for an adapter.
  6. Just so you know-
    <P>If it's an EF-s digital body you want to use the K mount lenses on you will have no problems at all.The aperture lever clearance problems dont apply for those bodies because they have more room inside the mirror box due to the indentation that accepts the EF-s lenses.
    <BR>I've used quite a few unmodified K mount lenses on my 300D with no problems
    <P>Here is a K mount to EOS adapter on ebay -the only place i know of where you can buy them at the moment-
  7. Ron,
    Does that include the full frame digital bodies as well?
  8. He said EF-S compatible bodies. Full frame and 1.3x bodies are not EF-S compatible, only the EOS 20D and the Digital Rebel and Digital Rebel XT.
  9. Just in case anyone reading this would like some further background:

  10. Hi Ron Chappel: i have eos 300D and lot of pentax K mounts lenses collected during the years. On ebay there are lot of adapters with AF/non AF and am hesitant to buy the reason behind away from the territorial jurisdiction of ebay and non return of adpater. Can u help me which adapter brand will mount and function properly with above gear and film machines eos1N/Elen 2e and Rebel. Thanks.

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