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  1. Hy guys, just made an account to ask you about the K-1000. I recently bought one but it has got an mechanical issue. The mirror cocking lever can't push the mirror tensioning lever over the mirror catch. Is this is a problem I could fix or is the camera just worn down and not worth the trouble anymore?
  2. I don't know enough about the specific issue to tell you, but for my film camera repairs I always used Eric Hendrickson. He is a former Pentax tech (I think) and now is mostly retired except for repairs he does at home. He does great work with film cameras and is quite reasonable. His website is here:

    If no one here knows, you may be able to correspond with him and get an idea if he can fix it. With a full CLA (clean, lube adjust) it'll come back purring. Of course, those bodies are pretty cheap now so you could always grab another and hope it works...maybe from KEH.
  3. Buy another one if you like the K1000. Otherwise buy a different Pentax.
  4. A fine camera when working as new.
    Unfortunately they are not new today and many are 30+ years old. The old lubrication has stopped them up and that is how it is. You can certainly fix it if you have the dedication, which would include getting the repair manual and purchasing the tools. That's likely a lot more money than you paid for the camera. Without a camera repair background you are more likely to ruin it than fix it.
    If you really like the K1000 a good bet might to be to visit e-bay and buy a serviced one from a reliable seller. Then sell your non-working example.
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    I would get one from keh personally ( For used gear it's a hard place to equal although the price maybe higher than ebay and they will stand behind their used gear. Certainly less than repairing one.
    If you DO want another K1000, look into the SE version. It has a focusing aid that is very helpful.
  6. I already know that I'm not much helping the question of the fix, but I can't pass on a K1000 thread. Many so called photographers I have met don't even know how to operate their own cameras manually like a K1000. My first camera was a Kodak instamatix 110 when I was about 5, but I graduated to the K1000 as the grandest Christmas present of all at 10 years old in 1977. I still have that camera after getting it back from my sister!. My dad gave me a Nikon F and graduated my Pentax to my only slightly interested but genius sister. See, my sister also ranked at genius standards on tests, but she didn't really want to get into taking pictures.
  7. i wanted a kmount camera ans specifically something fairly simple like the k 1000.
    I notice and was advised it is a cult camera.
    meaning , long after I was discontimued. teachers of photography. advised sudents to get one.
    and the model popularity made is sell for higher prices.
    I was also tild the Japanese made cameras are bett er
    tjhen the later chinese models. still labled pentax.
    since I am always nearly broke. I purchased a ricoh kr5.
    it is debatable if it is cosina or ricoh built.
    I am told to ignore the self timer.
    but the metering is colored leds.
    there is no fragile meter that can be damaged by a severe bump.
    the shutter is metal with a top speed of 1/2000/
    the flash synch is 1/125.
    so- if it keeps working is is a good model to own. as well as being compatible.
    I have two tx ( changable mount_ lenses 35 &28 mm f.2.5.
    and a ys adapter so my several older lenses cab be used.
    I also have a pentax me super and the lenses that came with it.
    the me super is manual or full autpo metal shuytertr
    and oftn sell for lower prices.
    IU t is odd inthat it has no shutter dial but up/down buttons.
    I have also considered a pentax kx,
    as said because of the extreme popularity
    of the k 1000. it is priced higher than other models.
    I like the camera and it's features
    but I am unable or unwilling to pay more than for other useful k mount cameras.
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    If you really want one cheap and are willing to take a chance ebay and even your local pawn shop will likely have them. I have one that I keep for astronomical photography.
    The film KX (I assume you mean that not the digital KX) was a wonderful camera too. You might want to take a look at Boz's site if you are considering other film cameras as well
  9. What I meant is that if you have some kind of sentimental attachment to the K1000 then may be have it repair or buy another one. If not there are many less expensive Pentax's that are better than the K1000. In a sense the K1000 can be considered the worst Pentax among their manual focus offerings.
  10. where do you live ? there is a Asahi Pentax K1000 for sale at a local camera store in Kingston NY
  11. This is a common problem with
    K1000 and Spotmatic style
    cameras. I have seen this type
    of defect fixed, only to see it
    break again in the same way.

    If you do choose to fix it
    yourself, be careful with
    disassembling the shutter speed
    dial. It contains spring loaded
    parts, if I remember right.

    The spring and tatchet assembly
    that might be bothering you is
    probably under that rewind lever,
    set a little into the frame of
    the camera.

    Basically, once you get around to
    repairing it, often other parts
    have been worn or damaged from
    repeated attempts at using the
    camera when the film advancement
    lever is breaking. Things get
    out of sync, there's more damage;
    eventually, the camera might
    croak out a grinding sound and
    then just lock up.

    Good luck.

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