Pentax Auto 110 vs Rollei A110

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  1. Judge from pictures from Flickr, photos from Pentax Auto 110 look much sharper than from Rollei A110.

    IMO, Pentax Auto 110 is the best 110 camera, although it is a bit larger in size.

    My Rollei A110 has not arrive yet, when it arrives, I shall take pictures with both cameras on same scenes and compare the result side by side.
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  2. The Auto 110 is not exactly a large camera, and to me almost too small to comfortably handle.

    I really like mine, and it is quite sharp. The biggest limitation, IMO, is the lack of film flatness inherent in the 110 cartridge, along with the grain of typical films available.

    I've not shot my Auto 110 a lot, but a few rolls through it have told me that it can easily out-resolve any currently available film.

  3. I use a couple of Minolta 110 Zooms (the original), and get quite sharp photos. Focus correctly and hold it still! The latter is somewhat a problem because they are so light and easy to move when you release the shutter. I can make good 5X7's and not bad 8X10's if I'm careful. Talking B&W carefully processed and printed myself.
  4. I have both (nd others) and I find the accuracy of the cassette molding and the camera maker' s similar accuracy will set the film plane exactly. The pressure plate pushes the film against the gate. The cassette does not rattle around.
    It all boils down to hand shake and film grain.
    I include a shot from a moving boat at Copenhagen Ny Havn using my A110 and Fuji 100 print film. You can count the bricks.
  5. Some sites have the knack of making life difficult - none more so than photo upload places. RFF is KING at this. Today PN is being "awkward' for want of a better word.
    I try again.
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  7. sharp picture
  8. I have two Pentax auto 110, one with 23mm F2.8 lens, one with 18mm F2.8 wide angle lens

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