Pentax 67 Production Haulted?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by george_stewart|1, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. I was at B&H yesterday and they had pulled the 67 from their display
    case. I talked with the salesman who indicated that it was nearing
    the end for the 67. He also indicated without actually saying the
    words that production of this camera had been haulted. Any info?
  2. I thought 67 production halted long ago in favour of 67II ...
  3. Hi George,

    They had "pulled" the 67?....or had they sold the only unit in stock? Why would they remove a body without selling it?

    If you mean the 67II, I'd suggest: B&H will have no specific advance info on the camera "nearing the end" other than what the US reps tell them, and even they don't ever seem to know in advance. Sounds like an uninformed rumour.

    Cameras like the P67II are apparently made in batches. I'd imagine the Pentax production lines and staff are busy pumping out digital cameras and lenses most of the time, so "halting production" of such a camera is more likely to involve not restarting production.

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