Pentax 67 prism choices and cost difference

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jimsimmons, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have an idea as to why there would be this surprising price difference between the P67 pentaprism
    (non-TTL) and the TTL prism? (These are KEH prices, and yeah, I could just call them and ask, but I'm in New
    Zealand and orchestrating a call time is not always convenient.)

    TTL, EX-EX+ : $89-126
    pentaprism, EX-EX+ : $149-165

    I have the pentaprism and like it, but am considering getting a TTL prism also.

    I have read that the pentaprism shows 95% of the negative area, and that the TTL prism shows 90% of the negative
    area. Seems odd that this one difference would make up such a price difference.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
  2. It's the built-in meter that determines the price difference, the regular prism doesn't have one--it's meterless.
  3. I believe that both prisms show 90% coverage. The TTL costs more when new, so it makes sense that it is more when used. The TTL has to have electrical contacts and a shutter speed bridge built into it, so those add to the cost. Buying a used TTL can be problematic, since they do vary in metering accuracy with age. I ended up buying a new one after returning several that were way off.
  4. I always used the standard Penta Prism since I only used a handheld meter.
  5. Mike and Steve, my formatting did not work as intended, but what I had meant to show was that KEH is asking LESS for the metered prisms than for the non-metered prism, and that's what I was wondering about.

    Is the non-metered prism brighter than the TTL? I certainly do like the bright view through my non-metered prism and the Beattie Intenscreen that I have!
  6. Who knows, you'll just have to ask them (you can Email them) as the TTl used to be much more expensive.
  7. Prices are based on customer demand. Most people who buy used 120 SLRs don't care about TTL metering. Plus those
    prisms are so old that if the metering works at all it may not be that accurate. I avoid them because I don't like the metering
    clutter in the viewfinder.
  8. Jim; if KEH is selling the TTL for less than the regular pentaprism finder, then you are getting a deal. The TTL has historically been much more. I believe the brightness is the same.
  9. The details are fuzzy to me but I'll try...

    Some of the confusion on these is because of the AE Version (for the 67II only).
    I am fairly certain that the TTL Prism is 90% and the unmetered is 95%.
    The TTL Prisms you are seeing on KEH have the On/Off switch but there is yet another version that is automatic.

    The TTL prism has a cludgy coupling to the Shutter Speed dial.
    You have to REMOVE the Lens before you can change out the Prism.

    The unmetered Prism looks cooler (I have an unmetered Nikon F so I am biased).
    My Leica, Hassy, Rollei, Pen F and Graflex are all unmetered so I am definitely biased.

  10. John, those all sound like good reasons to me.

    Agree with you about the "look" of the unmetered prism. My first pro camera was an unmetered Nikon F, and compared to the clunky metered FTn, it was much more svelte and handsome. I do all my metering with a Sekonic L-508, so I really don't need the TTL meter.

    Thanks to everybody for the feedback.

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