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  1. I don't own a Pentax 6x7 but do have a Pentacon Six TL. There is a lot to like about shooting with these over sized SLRs. I have Bronicas too but the size and design format of this type of SLR (Hassie included) just isn't as easy to shoot with IMO. Holding it with both hands versus using one hand to balance it isn't as comfortable to me. And a Speed Grip is nice but everything starts getting bigger with the grip on the camera and you're still holding it the same way (again IMO).
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    Especially the noise of the mirror/shutter!
    Nothing scatters the rubberneckers more effectively than a sound akin to a door slamming shut...
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  3. ^ I've recently acquired the Pentacon 6 TL and I'm not so sure it's anywhere the noise you mention.
    I also have a Mamiya 7 , so I have an idea of what near silence is . BUT , I also used to own a
    Bronica S2 , now that was loud , the Pentacon , not so . :D Peter
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  4. I think the S2 makes almost as much noise advancing the film and cocking the shutter. LOL.
  5. i would suggest to also try to get a 200mm for the Pentax 6x7 if you are seriously interested in portraits. THe 105 will not be enough focal length for portraits. It has comparable angle of view with 50mm lens for 35mm camera. I still have a Pentax 67 II with all lenses upto 300mm .... Should start to use this beast again for black and white.
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    I use the SMC Pentax 67 75mm f2.8AL for portraits. Sometimes the 90mm f2.8 LS is used. There really is no best or ideal f/length for portraits -- all photographers will have their own preferences, style and shooting arrangements and portraiture is one genre where there is a huge amount of variation.
  7. ...not sure if you've made a decision. Just reading the multitude of things that can go wrong with the Pentax is pretty alarming. Compare that with the Mamiya RB 67. What goes wrong with them?? Lights seals - yes but a diy fix. Interlocks can get sticky. The original doesn't even have them. It's a much safer bet.
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    Not alarming at all.
    There are a multitude of 6x7 / 67 cameras out there that have been abused as a matter of course through heavy, persistent professional use. The things I listed in my post are very symptomatic of this. They are not ideal cameras for many people, nor are Hasselblads, Bronnies and Mammies. My camera was purchased OS/NIB from an estate and has given absolutely no problems anywhere during years and years of dedicated landscape and portraiture. Others I have seen have not fared so well at all, mostly by amateurs who have no idea what they are doing and screw things up so badly as to render the camera inoperative. But then, they also do that to Hassies, Bronnies and Mammies!!

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