Pentax 67 and astrophotography, multiple exposures

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by philip_lau, Jul 26, 1997.

  1. Does anyone have info or experience with the Pentax67 system
    and astrophotography? I would like to do multiple exposures,
    prime focus and piggyback shots. Would also like any info on
    focusing screens, meter prisms & magnifiers for this application.


    I currently use a Nikon F3 but would like to move up to MF.
    Planning on P67, 55mm/4, 90/2.8, and maybe 200/4.
    Can get t-ring adapter for telescope-P67 through Lumicon.


    Thanks for any info,


    Phil Lau (

  2. Pentax 67 can not do multiple exposure unless modified by Pentax facility in Colorado. From What I read on the net, it cost a couple of hundred an a few weeks for the modification.
  3. I have "upgraded" my P67 at Pentax-Germany with multiple exposure, mechanical bulb exposure and the grid screen. All together was about 600 German Marks (equals 350$).
    I use the normal TTL-Prism (works with full moon shots!) and the waist level finder. For critical work, I use no finder and a 10x magnifier directly on the screen.

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