Pentax 67 400mm f/4 ED(IF) Test & Comparison

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  1. I have just published a test of the Pentax 67's 400mm f/4 ED(IF),
    including some examples from a winter wildlife shoot in Yellowstone
    National Park.

    The report includes a comparison with the 600mm f/4 and also with the
    new 300mm f/4 ED(IF) used with a 1.4X Extender.

    The lens review is found at http://www.luminous- and the comparison test at

    I'll be pleased to answer any questions about these lenses that I can.


    The Luminous Landscape
  2. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Your review ended up as a dead link when I tried it twice.
  3. Sorry, there's a typo. It should be ...

  4. Awesome review thanks for taking the time to make such a usefull web site.
  5. Another excellent review; I find the magnified sections in the companion test particularly useful in seeing the differences in relative lens quality of the long Pentax 67 glass.
  6. Very nice! It helps me narrow the scope of my P67 lens search. Now the choices are; work that second job to buy the lens, but not have time to use it, or, try to convince the wife she needs that 3rd job so I can be gone more? Decisions . . .decisions . . .
  7. Anyone ever see the 800mm ED lens I think the aperture is f/6.7? Anyone actually ever use it?
  8. Michael,

    How do you stabilize these lenses in real-world use and eliminate that harsh shutter bounce? That for me was the one issue and glaring drawback to the Pentax 6x7 system when using teles, even moderate teles. I do want and need to use slow shutter speeds at times and this system makes that awfully difficult. From your review, I take it that you found the Pentax 645 to be superior in that regard. Thanks for any thoughts on this topic.
  9. John,

    Coping with shutter bounce at slow shutter speeds with the Pentax 67 is a serious issue. Between 1/2 sec and 1/60th sec using lenses of 300mm and longer is problematic.

    It's not unbeatable through. Of course the best solution is a really solid tripod and a gimbal mount. In addition I've found that the use of the Manfrotto #359 long lens support is almost a must. I have a write-up on it at...

    As for the Pentax 645, there is no vibration issue at all. Even the mirror lockup that's now found on the 645nII seems unnecessary, as I showed in some tests at...


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