Pentax 645NII MLU Test

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  1. Since its introduction in 1984 there has been a debate as to whether
    the Pentax 645 really needed mirror lock up (MLU). Owners said it
    didn't because it featured a superior mirror braking system, while
    pundits said that it did.

    With the introduction of the new 645NII, which does feature MLU, it's
    now possible to settle that debate.

    The results are at

  2. I would say - excellent optics on this Pentax !<br>
    How many DPI scan was used for this "lamp" picture, please ?
  3. The scan was with an Imacon Photo at 3200 ppi.

    Indeed, Pentax lenses are first rate.

  4. I think the P645 is the most under-rated 2 1/4 SLR on the market. I hope it stays that way too--great prices on the used market for world class optics-especially the manual focus versions.
  5. Michael, thank you for that test! I have also noticed my 645N "jump" when taking a picture and wondered if this was before or after the shutter closed. It's easiest to see this with the camera placed on something soft, like a bed or a light blanket, and using a cable release.

    This alarmed me at first, but I could not see the effect on slides. The slides were always sharp. Now I know the jump is after the shutter closes. Thanks!!
  6. I had a Pentax 645 15 years ago and sold it because of the lack of mirror lockup, but not for any sharpness issues. I am a portrait photographer and found that I had far too many instances of people with closed eyes. Many nervous people can hear the mirror start to move and close their eyes before the exposure. The mirror lockup can eliminate this problem, especially if it also stops down the aperature at the same time, as most cameras with mirror lockup do. Otherwise, I was favorably impressed with the Pentax 645.

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