Pentax 645N Not Firing

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mourgos, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. I recently purchased on eBay a Pentax 645N. It looked pretty new in the box. The only thing it is does not work.
    It has a fast 2.8 lens. The batteries are Lithium and new. The battery indicator light blinks no matter how much I clean the battery connections. The battery holder tested as 9v yet flashes.
    The camera makes a whine when I press the shutter and then stops, with indicator flashing.
    I'd like to see if there is a quick fix.
    Thanks! Jim M.
  2. I know the Pentax MZ series have a separate motor just for the mirror, and the gear on it is plastic, shrinks, and then cracks and spins on the shaft. Causes the same sort of symptoms.
  3. Two choices. Return it for refund. Or pay Eric Hendrickson to repair it. Risk of the latter course is that it's not repairable.
  4. I'd send it back unless it was a "as-is" item.
  5. IIRC, with an insert installed, you've got to have film loaded in the P645N. You can't dry fire it without an flashing error code otherwise.
  6. Fixed it:

    Sorry for the delay of a year or so! I took the film rewind hole at the bottom and put a pen tip inside to force it to "rewind". After this I put film in, the ERR error went away and I was shooting fine. I've since fixed a friend's camera the same way.

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