Pentax 645 right angle finder...any users?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by lee_shively, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Do any of you Pentax 645 owners use a right angle finder?

    I like the idea of using the camera at waist level or below. How
    does the right angle finder work in practice? Does it restrict the
    view too much? Is the image dark? Does it help or hinder focusing,
    especially for close-ups? I wear glasses--does it have decent eye

    My previous experience was with a Nikon right angle finder and it
    proved to have problems in all the areas mentioned above.
  2. Hi Lee

    The right angle finder for the Pentax 645 is excellent. Its very bright, and focussing is just as easy it is through the normal eyepiece.

    Plus it rotates to any angle you like....very useful when you're down low or using it for macro shots with awkward angles.

    It's well worth the expense if you think it will be useful for you.

    Just watch out when you're screwing it on/off. It's a bit fiddly....I dropped mine in a river once, but managed to save it before got too much water in it!

    Hope this helps....


  3. Jeremy's description is accurate. You do need to put your eye up against the eyepiece to see the entire frame--it's not like using Rolleiflex or Hasselblad finder.
  4. You have to stick your eye to it. So it's not really a waist level viewer at all. With a little angulation I can see the display. I have to fiddle with the diopter setting when I put the Refconverter on. It's not dark but it doesn't help in focusing as it is just another view of the eyelevel view. I use a magnifier for that.
  5. Thanks. It looks promising.
  6. I use my right angle finder about half the time. I wouldn't be without it, works stunningly well for me. I wear glasses, and have to get my eye right up there and centered, but no big deal. It saves a LOT on my back, and seems like an integral part of the camera when I have it screwed on there. I too, have to futz around with the diopter...but hoop dee doo, it's easy to do that.

    I am extremely happy that I sprang for it.

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