Pentax 645 N Film Loading & Winding Problem

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by milanovic, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    i got a Pentax 645 N with a 75mm lens from a friend.
    I bought new batteries, fresh film and the camera works great without film in it.
    As soon as i insert film ( i am sure i did it right ... i followed all the steps in the manual and watched videos)
    the film winds up a bit and the display says E ( Not Err ). the manual says this means the film is not loaded correct.
    I tried this at least 15 times now, i changed the batteries again too.
    The camera winds up the paper of the film easylie, then makes some heavier sounds and mostly stops when the actual film is about to wind over the edge of the pressure plate.
    I read through all the forums, but noone has the same problem.

    its not the double exposure lever, i checked for that.
    also i tried 3 typs of different films. its not that either.

    I cleand everything which looked like a contact with alcohol. but i could really not tell which parts exactly tell the camera that the film is not inserted correct.

    maybe someone can help me with this issue.
    i really like the disgn of the camera, its really practical and i would love to shoot with it.

    thanks for the help in advance !
  2. I have this camera and follow the arrows on the cartridge itself. The film gets loaded with the film outwards, as you would expect. The paper is what touches the pressure plate and the film is above that. Wind the film on till the arrow marks match the marks on the cartridge. But I would assume you've done all that. So I would get your friend to try and load it, not only to show you, but to make sure the camera doesn't have an actual fault with it. It can be tricky to load this camera, but I've never had issues doing it myself.

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