Pentax 645 lithium battery replacement

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by lee_shively, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. I just ordered a used Pentax 645 and a couple of lenses. I have
    noted in a couple of postings that the lithium battery (CR 1220?) can
    be user replaced although the instruction book says to send it back
    to Pentax to have this done. Since I have no way to know how old the
    battery is that is in the camera, I thought I would replace it and
    start fresh.

    Other than being sure the camera is off, are there any special
    procedures involved? I'm sure I can remove and replace the battery
    but I don't want to fry the circuits or do something that would
    require reprogramming.
  2. The lithium battery in my P645 was last replaced in 1992. It is
    still working just fine. You can replace it yourself using a small
    adjustable spanner wrench.
  3. I think the initial cautions on replacement were due to the rarity (at that time) of the 1220 battery. It holds the ISO # and frame number when you take out the 6 AAs, which by the way will last you for many many rolls. If the display is blank when you turn the camera off, then (I surmise) the lithium battery is dead.


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