Pentax 645 lens guide question

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by alex_j, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. I've just purchased a Pentax 645... first medium format camera for me... with 75mm F2.8 and I'm looking for a site with a guide to Pentax 645 lenses. Something similar to Bjørn Rørslett's Nikon lens pages or Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page would be good.
    Or don't these sort of pages exist for the Pentax 645?
    I've done some searching and learnt a few basic things, like I believe I should be able to use both the Pentax 645 MF lenses and the later AF lenses from the P 645N (in MF mode!) and there is also a Pentax 67 lens adapter, but some things don't seem clear.
    For example... this page.
    The SMC Pentax-A* 645 300mm f/5.6 ED [IF] is listed as having an Angle of View of 13.5, while the SMC Pentax-FA* 645 300mm f/4 ED [IF] AF is listed as having an Angle of View of 6.6. That can't be right?
    The second one doesn't look much like the Pentax 645 300mm f4 MF I've seen offered for sale either... further adding to the confusion. I'm not looking to get a long tele like the 300mm right now, but I'm hoping there might be a better guide to the Pentax 645 lenses than this.
  2. Try a search on this very forum. Lots of subjective opinions scattered among the threads. Good luck !
  3. I have a page on Pentax 67 lenses, but I dont know of any similiar on the 645 lenses. If someone can help, I can publish a 645 page...anyone ?
  4. First of all, congratulations on getting a P645. I'm not aware of any source for the information you're trying to find. I've been using P645 equipment for a while and I just had to dig and search for information. Some information that may or may not be helpful can be found here and here

    Searching the posts on the P645 here on pnet is also pretty good.
  5. Not a complete list of 645 lenses... but it is something

    some of the AF line

    only a few of the MF line
  6. duh on my part... sorry, I had not recently read the opening post on this.

    Sorry for the repetition of websites.

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