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  1. I own a 35mm Pentax film camera wirh several screw on lenses. My question; is there an adapter available enabling me to use the lenses
    on a digital camera? I curently own a Canon Rebel. Or is there another digital camera these lenses would fit?
  2. Yes there are. Look for an m42 to EF(or EOS) adapter, hopefully one with focus confirmation chip. And since cameras that use screw-on lenses are already stop-down metering they should work no worse on a digital camera than on their original body. Except for that feature where the camera stops down the lens for you when taking a shot, you won't have that.
  3. M42 (what your screw-mount Pentax lenses are) mount to EF (Canon EOS) adapters are legion. I have never found any differences between the modest priced ones and the highly expensive that justified the difference in price.
    Later M42 lenses have an automatic diaphragm pin. If your lens(es) has this pin, buy an adapter that has a flange that will hold the pin in at its shooting aperture. Never glue the pin in or other such atrocities.
    There are also M42>Canon FD adapters, if you have older Canon film cameras you want to fool around with.
    Don't bother with the "focus confirmation" adapters. They usually don't work all that well anyway; and, at their worst, can actually cause damage to the Canon camera.
  4. Further to what has already been said, which covers the details of mounting M42 lenses to your camera, I only want to say that I have been using some classic M42 lenses for years with my Sony Alpha digital cameras.
    Not really specific to your question, but just an encouragement to get an adapter or two and give it a try.
    You may be pleasantly surprised! I was.
  5. SCL


    Likewise I've been using them on my micro 4/3 body for a couple of years, before that on my Canon T90 via an adapter..
  6. I dont know much about adapters and adapting but I did use M42 on my Canon 30D (and had fun with that). I dont know if it was the lens' fault or the adapter's fault but sometimes the linkage between camera and adapter and/or between adapter and lens were not perfect.
    Recently, I saw some adapters have a "chip" to tell the camera that there is a lens mounted and therefore the focusing help is on (red led flashes in VF). My old adapter did not have that.
  7. That "chip" is a pirated piece of hardware to fool the camera. It is just glued on. Can you imagine what happens if it is a little off? One thing that can happen is that it can short out the circuits.
    Friends don't let friends use focus confirmation chips. As I said above, they really don't help all that much. If you have normal eye sight, you really don't need them, even on an APS-C screen.
  8. BTW, the adapter shown above is a Nikon F> EOS EF adapter. Not the least of the joys of Canon EOS is that it will accept a vast number of different mount lenses for manual focus, manual stop-down use. With my beloved mirror lenses they're just as handy as they were on their original cameras.
    Another kind of alternative lens use is to adapt various macro lenses to Canons, where most close-up work needs to be manual focus anyhow.....
  9. There is no ready made M42 digital camera. Everything needs to be adapted. Nikons won't work at infinity. IMHO it is nasty to remove an M42 adapter used as intended from a Pentax k-mount body, but yes it can be done and workarounds like gluing the adapter to the lens, removing what holds it inside the camera (one tiny screw) and maybe even dremeling a notch for the k-mount locking pin into the lens exist. Pentax' new top of the line DSLR is a tad cheaper than Sony's mirrorless equivalent. - I own neither of them so I can't comment on expectable image quality. You can adapt on anything mirrorless if you like to.
  10. I have a number of of M42 Pentax compatible lens and with appropriate adaptor used them on my EOS and occasionally these days on M4/3. Though being lazy I prefer a modern automatic lens :)

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