Pennsylvania Coal Country

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  1. I've begun a long term project in documenting old Coal Country towns & villages. People still use coal to heat quite a bit here so coal has a long reach. Most of this is shot on film, although there's the occasional phone pic, like this one:


  2. I would be severely remiss if I didn't include shots of churches in this series. Lots of orthodox religion up in here. The churches have their distinct look, with the "onion domes".



  3. The rest of the shots, to date, can be viewed by clicking the link below. I'll be updating my Zenfolio Gallery periodically, as I get more content.

    PA Coal Country
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  4. I really like the way you capture the sense of the place. I was born in Schuylkill County but my family left there when I was two year old. So, I know that this place, with itโ€™s important resources. held some prominence. While it was always a rural place it now seem so isolated and sad. Your images capture that. Well done and thanks for sharing your images here.
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  5. Very nice work, all of it - a great documentary of a vanishing industry and the folks who worked it.
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  6. Great images. Coal will not survive the incoming administration I fear.

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