Pen-F digital plus one wide angle lens. Which lens?

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  1. I am considering getting a Pen-F to compliment my M8 & M9. It is easy to find great SLR lenses to fit M 4/3 with an adapter for a tele view. I also have a very good Panasonic 25/1.4 Lux lens, so what is missing is an excellent wide angle prime lens. What do you recommend? 12mm, 14mm, or 17mm ? Budget allows up to $1000 for the lens.
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    It really depends on what focal length you feel comfortable shooting. Panasonic's older 17 (34mm equivalent) is a killer lens. I occasionally drop down to 14 with the kit lens. Been thinking about a 12, but I rarely shoot at the 24mm equivalent.
  3. There is a big difference between 12mm and 17mm in terms of field of view, so you need to decide on focal length. If I had the 25mm, I would be looking for something like the Panny 15mm or 14mm, or the Oly 12mm to complete my kit, and all those lenses are well within your price range.
  4. When I travel I always wear the Zuiko ED 12. Wonderful lens
    0001 Cámara-OlympusE-PL2-ZuikoED12-NikkorAI105.JPG
  5. 2.jpg for oudoors
  6. 0007a PatioPlantasArcos-ZuikoED12.jpg or for interiors
  7. I own both, the 12 f2 and the 17 f1.8, they are well built (metal construction) and have the pull back manual focussing clutch. I personally prefer the FoV of the 12mm (24mm FF equiv), the lens is very sharp from f2.8 and very good wide open. I highly recommend the 12mm.
  8. Thank you for your feedback and the posted images. The 12mm (24mm) lens seems to be a good choice.
  9. The Olympus 12mm f2 already mentioned is very nice. Of course, you could also go with the much more expensive (and matching for your 25mm f1.4 Panny) 12mm f1.4 Panasonic Leica prime. If you need or want f1.4, there you go, but the 12mm f2 is probably much more in keeping with the size of the Pen F. Never handled a Pen-F, but I did use the 12mm f2 quite a bit on a trip to Paris a few years ago on the Pen E-P3 and it was an excellent choice for that trip..





    St. Remi Basilica..


    Opera Garnier..



  10. if you have the opportunity to go into a store, put the various wide-angle lenses on your camera and see which has the field of view you would like to work with, which handles the way you want it. Different people have different choices. These days, my choice is not to go with a prime at all and use the Panasonic 8-18. On my Pen-F. Together with the 14-150II. To just walk around with.
  11. yes, go to a store
    When i travel I always wear the 22mm f/2 "pancake" ...absolutely beautiful lens

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