Peggy's Cove

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  1. I spent a week in Nova Scotia last month, and visited the small fishing village of Peggy's Cove several times. A trip filled with nostalgia for me, as my mother grew up on the coast of Nova Scotia, not very far from there, and I have fond memories of the area from my youth. I went into the village at different times to get different light, including early morning fog and golden-hour sunset.


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  2. Nice photos! My wife and I were there over the summer (Nova Scotia and PEI) --our first time in the Maritimes. We both loved the place -- the peace and serenity, the seascape and everything else, including THE FOOD!!! Loved the lobster (New Brunswick) and oysters (PEI).. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at a B&B in Lunenberg. We didn't get a chance to visit Cape Breton this time nor did we get to visit New Brunswick so we'll just have to come back another time to see those places.

    Here are some photos from our trip: The Maritimes 2017
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  3. I recommend a drive around the Gaspe Peninsula. Go around counterclockwise o other vehicles don't block your views.
  4. I, too, was in that area in October. I'd recommend the Glooscap Trail also.



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