Peeling the "Passed" Stickers ?

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  1. A new acquaintance, herself a collector of 50's-70's cameras, recently visited and upbraided me for leaving the little JCII "Passed" stickers on my bits and pieces. She peels them off and removes any trace of adhesive with solvent. I'd actually never considered doing this, but it's got me wondering. Any opinions out there?
  2. I always let 'em be. Have a few pieces that somebody in the past did what she does to them, but, it doesn't bother me. I
    don't lose any sleep over aftermarket lens covers or camera cases, either. Ted
  3. I'm in agreement with her. They look terrible. Off they go.
  4. I never thought about it . I leave mine on. I am a little surprised that she feels that way as a collector. Most collectors I know want things as close to new as possible. With original stickers, paperwork ,etc.
  5. If they're cruddy, creased, and worn, off they go.
    Otherwise I leave them on. A clean sticker in excellent shape is just one more good selling point for minty equipment when it comes time to auction them off.
  6. On ancient (by the standards of today) cameras and lenses from late prehistoric times (say pre-1984), the JCII stickers can actually affect the underlying enamel or chrome*, so it would have been a good idea to have removed them when they were purchased back in 1976. However, if they have been left on all this time, removal will often then show the oval 'mark' of the sticker. I'd recommend that if the darned thing has made to this stage, then you'd do better to preserve the "original condition" and leave it on.
    Whether that applies to things like the LV95 Passed Taiwan-made sticker like that on my precious TIME camera is a real question. It is possible there that its removal would drastically lower the value of the camera as much as 20% (that is from 25¢ to 20¢, say). :) My guess is that it was sort of passed in the same sense as a kidney stone....
    *it is also possible that the sticker protected the original finish, but either way, its removal can leave a mark where it formerly was located.
  7. This subject always brings a lively discussion.
    I have a few classic cameras/lenses with the JCII stickers, but I don't have any preference as to whether to leave them on or peel them off. I have seen many a camera which was left with a permanent mark on its finish when the sticker was removed after many years, but by then the sticker itself had become an eyesore (faded, torn, etc.). The stickers were never meant to be left on, but I remember when I peeled them off my new Canon T50 and 50/1.8 in 1984. A couple of my friends were horrified!
  8. In the olden days I *always* peeled them off. Peeled them off my Nikon FE2, and my dad's Nikon FE2. Why keep them? Now I know better, and a sticker in good condition means the camera was not used so much.
  9. I agree with JDM. If the QC sticker is still there after 30 or 40 years, it may as well stay.
  10. I usually ignore them but I have a few examples where the sticker has outlasted the rest of the camera !
  11. SCL


    I've always removed seemed to me the equivalent of leaving a price tag on clothing you bought, or like the tags which always hung off Minnie Pearl's hats.
  12. Be advised that you are violating Federal Statute #200136, as well as a host of State and international treaty agreements by removing said "passed" stickers.
  13. If there are any original stickers on I leave them. If the camera is a user camera and the sticker gets broken... then I will throw it away. In older cameras the stickers and attached metal plates etc. just give more information of the camera and it's time.
  14. @Stephen I cannot believe you just called upon Minnie Pearl's hats. I know the classic camera/film crowd is old but we should make a minimal effort to avoid cultural references worthy of a 1967 Merv Griffin Show. With Arthur Treacher. Jim Nabors. And Selma Diamond.
  15. I'm in agreement with her. They look terrible. Off they go.​
    Me too. I always take them off.
    Be advised that you are violating Federal Statute #200136, as well as a host of State and international treaty agreements by removing said "passed" stickers.​
    That sounds like nonesense to me. Once you own it you can do what you like with it. It might be true if you were selling it new.
  16. I don't have a strong opinion as JDM mentioned they often leave a permanent mark. On the Canon QLIII I have, it fell off much later so now there is a permanent oval mark in the chrome I'd rather have the sticker there than this "mark" My wife would take them off me I try to keep as much on something like a scratch cover on the mobile phone.. why not protects against scratches and on my little Sony digicam... the ZEISS sticker stays!!
  17. They do look awful. But they evoke some kind of childhood memories in me - the cameras I lusted for bristled with them... I love em, cant get rid of them.... gross as they are.
  18. You all clearly do not remember the lively discussion about Passed Stickers back in 2009 (and I clearly spend too much time on CMC if I can remember every damn thread around here). Of particular note is John Liberty's post about half way down.
  19. I have left them on in lenses or cameras that were in good cosmetic condition, especially if I wanted to sell them on! I am not a collector and want to use everything unless it is totally rubbish! Even then I might just expose some frames with rubbish lenses to make my money's worth!
  20. I say leave them on. But I mainly feel that way about camera bodies. Lenses less so. Usually there is little space on a lens and the sticker has worn off.
    On junk lenses and cameras I carefully remove them, save them and reglue them onto good cameras that are for sale. As others have said, "it is so barely used it still has the sticker on it." Sometimes the sticker serves the added purpose of hiding a cosmetic defect like a scratch or mild dent. Hate the fake stickers on the Time type cameras. It is a bonus when one of those junker "point and shoots" has a good sticker on it.
  21. Vince, you left out Moms Mabley.
  22. I had a Nikon F3HP that I bought with some other accessories and sold the body through ebay recently. According to the serial number it was a 1983 or 1984 body. Had a nice looking "Inspected" sticker, but I haven't seen any stickers that didn't say "Passed"?
  23. I'm looking for cameras with "FAILED" stickers.
  24. I always took the stickers off new gear I bought. Recently acquiring again some of these older cameras as souvenirs of days gone by, many did still have the stickers mounted. I removed them all, and as it has been said, some left oval discolorations showing where they once were. Doesn't bother me a whole lot though, I do think camera gear looks better without them.
  25. Leave them on, I would rather look at a sticker than a discolored oval on a camera. Unless of course edges are lifting or they're otherwise interfering with function.
  26. I always removed them. When I was coming up in photography, the "passed" sticker screamed "newby" to me.
    True story: when I was about nineteen, I crossed the border into Canada with a band so I could photograph them in a Vancouver nightclub. On our return (at 0300), the US Border Patrol / Customs folks decided that our van needed a full inspection.
    When they got to me and my camera bag, the agent wanted proof that I had purchased the equipment in the USA. The reason he was suspicious: "You don't have the 'passed' stickers on your equipment."
    I blurted the first thing my slightly alcohol-addled nineteen-year-old brain thought of: "Surely you can't be that stupid!" He confiscated all my equipment.
    Fortunately for me, I had an hour to stew about it while they destroyed the van. I remembered my itemized insurance papers, a copy of which were in the bag, under the floor board (a 'hidden compartment' - ooooh). I ended up leaving with my gear intact.
  27. I always remove the stickers, tags, transparent screen protectors, anything that isn't actually functional. As has been said before, it' like leaving price tags on your gear. I have a huge quantity of old gear acquired in the last five or six years, I've peeled, scraped, rubbed, or soaked that tag off of everything. And what's more, I have no problem at all with oval marks being left behind. I think the secret is a good rub with Nozoil ®. Works every time.
  28. With the Time Magazine Promotional camera, the sticker is an important structural element of the camera! I like to refer to it as a, "Load Bearing" sticker.
  29. I'm looking for cameras with "FAILED" stickers.​
    It's usually written in code.... "HOLGA"
  30. I always remove the stickers, tags, transparent screen protectors, anything that isn't actually functional.​
    I often see people driving around in new cars with the protective plastic covers still on the seats. They think they are keeping them in nice condition. They are - for the next purchaser. Meanwhile they are driving around sitting on plastic.
  31. I used to have a neighbor who left the plastic covers on her lampshades, plastic runners on high-traffic areas of her carpets, even plastic covers on the furniture. I never understood the mentality. I also think of Minnie Pearl when I see somebody shooting a camera with one of those stickers still on it. But I never say anything.
  32. Seriously folks, the adhesive turns acidic with the combo of age and warm storage. Painted surfaces are especially affected/marred by this transformation. These stickers weren't designed to stay on the camera & lenses for such a long period of time.
    Chrome on the other hand, does better because it's less porous and more resistant than the painted finishes to this mild acid.
    If you have to have them, peel off the really clean ones & save them in a small zip-lock baggie or a film container.
    Then later reapply them when you finally go to sell the equipment.
  33. Dave - obviously your F3 was inspected but didn't "pass", I think its hopeless - you should send it to me, I'll use it as a bookend or door stop or something... You don't want it, right? ;)
  34. Peter, it's been sold, that was one of the photos I used for the auction. I have my other one which while not as pretty as the one I sold, is still in good working condition, and doesn't have the dry sound when the film is wound (which was probably caused by hardly being used over the course of 25+ years!!). It's the only "Inspected" sticker I've ever seen though, perhaps it wasn't sold for export to the USA, maybe Canada?
  35. To some folks those stickers are like fetishes and idols.
    My usual practice was to remove 'em from equipment I bought new, leave 'em be on gear I buy used and not worry when they fall off. Eventually they fall off, usually into the bottom of the bag. My F3HP has that telltale oval etched into the finish. I like it. Goes well with the dings, dents and brassing.
  36. I wonder if I should turn my socks inside out before I put them in the wash. If so, should I do the reverse before I put them in my sock drawer after they're dry ?
  37. I'm sure the value of the Time classic would be seriously diminished by removing the sticker.
  38. Gene - you know all those efforts would be wasted unless you can make your washer and dryer spin the other way, you know, like they do in Autralia ;)
  39. Gene, you wash your sox? And have a drawer to keep them in? I just wear mine, all the time...
  40. To me the quality is not just having the sticker on a piece of equipment but how long these stickers last. Whoever designed them did a great job. I have seen equipment go through Hell and back but the stickers stay in place.
    I would not take the stickers off anymore than I would throw out original boxes.
  41. Gene, you wash your sox? And have a drawer to keep them in? I just wear mine, all the time...​
    What? All of them at the same time?
    I don't like sock drawers. I had a drawer with twenty three socks in it and not one matching pair!
  42. I'd certainly remove a 'Passed' sticker if it looked somewhat dog-eared, but a good-looking one adds a certain je ne sai quoi to a camera or lens's appearance so I'd let it stay. Aside from mere 'Passed' stuff, just one of my umpteen Japanese cameras and lenses has that Holy Grail of the much rarer 'Inspected' JCII sticker on it, and it's in nice nick too - so it's definately a stayer! So, what is it you ask? Well, it's actually a Nikkor 28mm F3.5 lens that came with a Nikormat FTn. (Pete In Perth)
  43. IIRC the Inspected sticker means that that camera was actually tested by an inspector to reassure that things were well. The inspector had a whole list of things to check for on the camera that they hand inspected.
  44. They can leave a bright pristine oval spot while around them there is a patina. Thus the mark often stands out like a sore thumb, especially on paintwork. Get rid, or re-attach them somewhere where they will not matter. I hate the little blighters - they serve virtually no real purpose.
  45. I just noticed my Nikon 500mm f8 Reflex-Nikkor still has the Passed sticker and I'm leaving it there. Helps to tell the story of the lens and how little it was used since it was made in the mid 1970s.
  46. This is the fruitful market tended by unprincipled hucksters within which they exploit the innocent via the time-tested formula of sticking nice new gold ovals to dodgy cameras to inflate the price.
  47. Oh boy...I have some of those dreaded Passed Stickers, not only that, I have the dreaded Snake Skin also. I should be banned from this forum.

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