Pedro Bernardo a 895 years old village

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  1. Many of the men from this old village went along with the conquerors to the New Wold. Maybe that�s the reason California shield has part of Pedro Bernardo shield at its left down part :)
  2. Nice shots. what country is this in?

  3. Thanks Josef. It's a village in Spain
  4. >>>As I considered a heresy to shot colour,
    >> in a so an ancient place, I opted to do
    >> it in B & W and turn then to sepia or brown tone

    I think it's a travesty and an atrocity to use a 19th century 'look' on a 900 year old village. Wood carving would have been much more appropriate.
  5. Nice photos. Apart from modern 'synthetic' dyes and colourants life in the past was often just as colourful as it is today - eg buildings were often painted bright colours, etc. The sepia B+W world is an artefact of B&W photography only .... Makes me wonder why we like B&W so much?
  6. Thanks for the FYI. May I say that I would not have toned them in the manner shown. Is this sepia? Consider platinum.

    Some photogs need to lose the B/W mind set IMO. Its great in its own context, but color.... now that is a challenge.

    Break on thru to the other side! Jim Morrison, The Doors.

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