PC Mag did not list one Canon camera in top 10

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  1. I found it interesting that PC Magazine did not have one Canon camera listed in their top 10. LINK. I wonder what their criteria was that decided Canon did not make their cut. Some of their readers comments are asking the same thing. Maybe they just aren't camera guys or they really just didn't like Canon this time.
  2. Don't let these magazines cloud your head. Go read the UK magazines and you will see that half of them list Nikon in their top 10. The other half will have in their top 10 Canon. It's all subjective and probably is based on who get's to go to 'bed' with who.
  3. Apart from the AF system in the 5D mark III, every other "improvement" in Canon's offerings has been incremental at best since the 5D II. In the meantime they have been leapfrogged by the competition.
    And before all the fanboys come out and say we should be grateful for the 5DIII and the 6D, I am not saying they are not any good, just not cutting edge anymore.
  4. That would be Personal Computer magazine evaluating cameras?
    Here's another opinion. http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com/content/Canon-EOS-1D-X-Digital-Camera-Review.htm?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=cpc
    Not that I'd personally take the opinions of any review site. "Best" means different things to different people
  5. Looking at the list, they have 1 DSLR at over 5 grand and one down near $600. Nothing in between. A rather large hole to have in a Top 10 list.
    It's a PC magazine. What THEY think their readers want and what photographers want, probably varies a lot.
  6. Oh yeah, that's credible - because obviously the Nikon D5100's a better camera than the Canon 1D-X...
  7. Point # 1: Who gets their camera information from PC Magazine? That's like getting info on hiking boots from Vogue.
    Point # 2: I'm grateful for my 5D Mark III - VERY grateful - and I own a D800 as well. They're both great cameras, but each excels in specific areas.
    Does this make me a 'fanboy'?
    On second thought, don't answer that, because I don't really give a Schneider. ;-) I just use cameras to make photographs.
  8. Four flavors of Canon Rebel are listed in the top 4 spots on Amazon's Top 10. The Nikon D5100 is number 5. And it's been that way for months. Of course they judge according to customer demand, not the armchair photogeek criteria of computer magazine editors...
    However, in fairness, one of the editors mentions the lack of Canon cameras was due to a few other factors:
    The list changes all the time based on what we review, company's product release cycles, and their willingness to send us products to test (this list only includes tested products). We're patiently waiting on a Canon 6D, and I suspect once its tested, it will be added here​
    I think that means Canon didn't bother to send them a free review camera...
  9. I think that means Canon didn't bother to send them a free review camera...​
    That's true.
  10. http://www.popphoto.com/gear/2012/12/2012-camera-year-canon-eos-5d-mark-iii
  11. david_henderson

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    I don't think I 'd rely on the computer equivalent of Popphoto for advice on cameras, or cars or whatever. I might not even take too much notice of their views on PC's. This is carrying out "brand stretch" to way beyond the bounds of credibility.
  12. John Williamson [​IMG], Dec 13, 2012; 12:49 a.m.
    Looking at the list, they have 1 DSLR at over 5 grand and one down near $600. Nothing in between. A rather large hole to have in a Top 10 list.​
    Not really. If it was really the "Ten Best Cameras", we could reasonably expect that to mean "the ten most expensive cameras," or at least the "ten most expensive DSLRs." Or it could mean "The ten best cameras at their respective price points," in which case the cost is irrelevant. Not saying that their list is perfect ... just saying that price doesn't really matter.
    Every list is going to make 98% of the readers unhappy. It's just what happens. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that many sites make a 'best of' list just to increase their traffic and post count from all the people flaming them about how stupid they are for picking the wrong entries. Kind of makes you question if they're really that stupid, doesn't it?
    And I have to say that personally, as someone with only a passing interest in video, the only Canon camera that I would pick over a Nikon equivalent is the 7D. Does that mean that Canon cameras are terrible? Heck no. But it does mean that there is only so much that you can put into a camera before the price goes up, and Canon generally adds things that I don't care about. Maybe there is an occasional reviewer that feels the same?
  13. If it's any consolation, Poop Photo gave the 5DIII Cam of the Year over the D800. Feel better?
  14. Looking at their list, I don't see any 'bad' cameras on it. It looks like they picked their favorite from each price category, and published.
    If their bias is as strong as the one I see here, I would expect that their editors all own personal copies of each of the units picked. Like I said, none are bad, but in fairness, it hasn't exactly been a 'groundbreaking' year for Canon releases.
  15. I can't imagine anyone being concerned with PC Mag's report on cameras. I subscribe to Shutterbug, Outdoor Photography and Pop Photography. I am resonably confident in most ot their tests and reports. I believe they have a higher credibility in rating cameras than the PC Magazine. Hope no one lost any sleep over that article in the PC Mag.
  16. Hope no one lost any sleep over that article in the PC Mag.​
    Nobody here will be sleepiness over this: most of the posters are at work and bored to tears, so a dumb article merely gives them a mild distraction to pass the time.
  17. Is it possible that EOS bodies where never made available for reviews and so they decided to choose what was available?
  18. That list is a grab bag of arbitrary choices across a wide range of types of cameras. What a worthless "review."
  19. I find it soothing not to read articles of lists.
  20. Luis, thanks for the poop on pop. I do feel better. ;-)
    The sad thing is there are people with no clue on cameras that look to these guys as gurus and will be taking this info as gospel. PC Mag does itself a disservice in respect to credibility as well as it's readers looking to them as experts, not to mention a major disrespect to Canon, especially during the holiday shopping season.
  21. Speaking of "authoritative" reviews....Consumer reports again listed the Canon 60D as the best "Advanced" camera. It just shows that different qualities & features are seen as important by different segments of the buying public. The 60D is indeed a fine camera for some purposes and some people, and I would even recommend it to a photo enthusiast for certain kinds of photography, but I wouldn't put it in my "advanced camera" list.
    Last week, I had to return to my dentist's office to have a photo of my teeth taken, using (their term) a "specialized dental" camera. I told them I was a photographer, and I had a 7D and a 1D Mk IV and that I could take such a photo. They tactfully turned me down, and said they wanted to use their own equipment. I envisioned a truly specialized camera on a wall-mounted swing-arm with super-high resolution. It turned out their dental camera was a Canon Rebel T1i, fitted with a Canon ring-light, and it was handheld by a dental technician. I can't wait to get the bill.
  22. Oh darn it. The photo shoot I just did that I thought was so great - suddenly to lean that it can't be since it was not done with a top 10 camera - it's devastating, really.
  23. I can't wait to get the bill.​
    You need to get dental insurance or a job that covers your dental experience. My dentist uses a Nikon DLR. It's mind crushing isn't it?
  24. Peter, Nikon...really....
    It's obvious your dentist must read PC MAG, probably from his waiting room magazine stack.
    I wonder if 9 out of 10 dentists prefer Nikon.
  25. It's obvious your dentist must read PC MAG...​
    I guess whatever is advertised in his dental association's magazine goes.
    I wonder if 9 out of 10 dentists prefer Nikon.​
    Any dentists out here on Photo.net who would care to comment?
  26. More trivial, here is PC Mag's Reader's Choice for Best and Worst Digital Camera Tech Support choices. LINK
  27. ...here is PC Mag's Reader's Choice for Best and Worst...​
    I prefer ASUS.
  28. Pete, I am just having fun, of course Nikon are good cameras. ;-) Ashton Kutcher uses Nikon and he could shoot with anything. Unless he is Punking us.
  29. Pete, I am just having fun,​
    I know you are. So am I. There are a handful of resident stiff neckers here who may not see the humour.
  30. I wonder if 9 out of 10 dentists prefer Nikon.​
    I don't know about dentists, but every eye doctor I've seen in the last few years uses Canons. I'm sure there's something there ;-)
  31. Marcus, I would think eye docs could be considered lens guy gurus, focus and sharpness experts. Eye docs would make for a more credible survey, where dentists are smile guys, having them prefer a camera would be like having guys who read Play Boy choosing a camera because they look at the pictures.
    Now I wonder if eye docs test there cameras on eye charts. lol...does it look better or worse now....
  32. Marcus, I would think eye docs could be considered lens guy gurus, focus and sharpness experts. Eye docs would make for a more credible survey...​
    When the eye docs I've worked with in the past are doing surgery all their equipment says Leica on it. I know how much a Leica consumer camera costs I can't imagine how much a Leica surgical microscope costs! The amount of Zeiss and Leica stuff you see around surgical suites is ridiculous. People walk by that stuff like it's nothing.
    Back to the article. As someone said it is a grab bag article by a computer mag. And the pay to play ethos is alive and well in the publishing world. Find out what features each camera has and then figure out what works for you.
  33. My optometrist for the last three years has been using a Nikon Digital Retina or Digital Fundus Camera. It is able to detect high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments before one's health worsens.

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