PB6 Bellows setup

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by warren_williams, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. I managed to crack one of the plastic shoe inserts that rides on the bellows tracks. Nikon doesn't carry spare parts anymore according to an email I got from them. Does any repair person have a good stock of spare parts for older accessories or does any one have any other ideas (I tried to reglue without much success)
  2. Sell it for parts and buy the PB-4 bellows. Much nicer bellows that has shift and swing movements.
  3. Someone with a 3D printer should be able to find a suitable material and make the part for you.
  4. The broken one may not be strong enough to be used when glued together, but it could serve as a template for a 3D printer in the right hands. There are companies (Google) that do commercial "recreations" along these lines.*
    The PB-4 is, BTW, a very nice bellows unit ( http://www.photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00bs1Z )
    *"Computer, make me a gin and tonic" - it's coming.
  5. Frank P., Jun 30, 2016; 10:23 a.m.
    Sell it for parts and buy the PB-4 bellows. Much nicer bellows that has shift and swing movements.​
    The swings and tilts are somewhat limited and the design of the bellows itself limits the number of different cameras you can mount on it. The PB-6 is a much better bellows overall and is more rigid with the single dovetail design. I have had both, I would take my PB-6 any day over the PB-4.
  6. Can you post a photo of the part?
  7. I agree with Scott Murphy. Having owned both the PB-4 and PB-6, the latter is better. For example, the PB-6 has a reversible front standard while the PB-4 relies on adapters to mount a lens in reverse. If you know how to obtain and use industrial strength epoxy you might try a repair. Since it is a moving part under some stress a 3D printer part would have to be made with strong material.
    Other than that you might want to contact a number of repair shops to see if anyone has a PB-6 being parted out.
  8. I would think that with the right adhesive that it could be back to 90% strength and potentially with the addition of some well placed small screws it could be back to full strength depending on the crack. Post a picture of what it looks like.
    Also, from time to time you can get a PB-6 that's in bad shape and use it for parts.

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