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  1. Went to a slide evening hosted by the Port Moody Library (British
    Columbia, Canada) last night, one of a fairly regular showcase of
    local photographers.

    This nights show was by Paul Vanpeenen. A beautiful exposition of
    photography from his kayaking journeys down 3 Canadian rivers that
    flow to the Artic Ocean. The collection encompasses several summers,
    each of these river journeys in in the vicinity of 1000 km!

    This was the first one of these shows we've gone to where the
    photographer has gone digital: very well done, no glitches. One of
    Paul's intentions was to retrace some historical expeditions, and to
    try to capture in photograph some of the vistas that were painted by
    one of these early expeditionaries. In his show, he included some
    animated maps, and a few historical images.

    He integrated music into the opening and closing sequences of images,
    and interspersed a few video clips. Beyond the images themselves, a
    very impressive undertaking!

    I wouldn't doubt the show will repeat at some other venue. If you're
    in town, definitely worth seeing.

    Here's a brief blurb:

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