paterson orbital flow guides

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by iconoclastica, May 21, 2016.

  1. Attatched to the light trap of the Paterson Orbital are two perpendicular ridges that by some are designated "flow guides". It's quite hard to describe what they look like, but here's a picture showing 'm clearly:
    Since I am now using the Orbital two develop 13x18 negatives with emulsion on both sides, I have to lift the film a little (c. 2mm) from the bottom to allow developer to work on the entire lower film surface. Doing so, however, causes the flow guides to make two clearly visible parallel marks on the film.
    What do you think, are these flow guides essential the way they are, or would it be safe to make them a little less high so they won't touch the film?
  2. Firstly the Paterson orbital tank was originally intended for prints not film.
    I suspect that these are not flow guides but rather they are intended to push the print under the chemicals where it will stay being comparatively heavy.
    Using the tank for negatives it may be difficult to keep them from contacting the film - removing some depth will probably not hurt, but may not achieve what you want either. Using the tank for 5x4 films as I do the plastic dividing pegs have a mushroom top which keeps the film below the surface, and any rear coating is not normally affected.

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