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  1. My new job requires I take several photos each week. Many times, people ask me
    to send them some of the photos in an e mail. I no longer have time--
    thankfully--to send everyone a photo.
    Would someone direct me to a site which will teach me how I can post short
    term, password protected, photo files on one of my Websites?
    I would then send the client the link and password to their specific folder.
    The client could then order whatever print they choose through the print
    service offered by
    I would remove their folder after, say, 30 days. Thanks!
  2. You can zip (high res) photos together with a password (it's a preference you can set in
    most zipping apps), then upload the resultant password protected file to http://
    Your recipient will receive an email with a link to download the file. Very simple.

    Now you only have to get (mail?) that password to your recipient to enable him/her to
    unzip the file.

    Files uploaded like this are available for download for 7 days, and can be downloaded 100
    times max. Maximum file size 100 MB. This is the FREE scheme.

    You can upload much larger files, for more downloads, and for a much longer period, if
    you pay up.
  3. If you had an install of Gallery:

    running you could password protect each sub-album.

    Otherwise, if you don't want to mess with installing your own online gallery you can use Flickr's handy new "Guest Pass" feature.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Try

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