Parts for or replacement for Nikon Coolscan 9000

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  1. I recently suffered a burglary. Although they didn't take my Nikon Coolscan 9000, they did steal the PC that had the required special plug in in it. So, now, in order to use my scanner I would need the plug in. Are they available? Does anyone have one they are no longer using they would sell me? If not, is there a really good replacement for the Coolscan 9000? If you have used another scanner that works as well as that one does, I'd really like to hear from you.
    The burglars didn't steal my negatives, but they did steal all of my storage units on which I had the digital copies stored. So, if I can rescan my negs, I'll still be somewhat in business with my photos and not have to totally start all over again!
    Thanks for replying.
  2. Your scanner is new enough that Nikon probably has some inventory of parts. I would contact them before you invite people that would try sell you a $100 pen.
  3. Peter, after a Google search for Nikon 9000 scanner, I used the link to it in Nikon's database, and some link clicking once there, found that they do not have the required materials. Companies only keep a parts inventory for a few current years products and sell off the old new stock to third party dealers after a period of time.
    Kathy, In the user manual it shows a firewire (IEEE 1394) only connection. You need a Firewire card, and a cable
    Your computer and what expansion slots are available in it will determine if you need a PCI, PCI-E, or PCI Express card configuration.
    I am not affiliated with Newegg.
  4. Thanks, all of you. It's only the part that's installed into the PC that's missing. They left everything else. Guess they didn't know what it was!
    Re the links to Newegg parts. How do I know which one I need?
  5. What make/model computer do you have?
    What operating system?
  6. Les, it's not the cable that's missing. It's the plug in in the computer that's gone.
  7. Charles, the computer on which it was installed was stolen. It was an HP Windows XP that was built for me. I'm afraid I don't know a lot of details. I had it built to accommodate the Coolscan. I will do the same again if I can find the right part!
  8. No, I was asking about the one you have now.
    It may be better for you to take the computer you have now to the builder or big box office/electronics retailer service department.
    If you are determined to do it yourself get a PCI to firewire adapter card and put it in one of the empty PCI slots in the computer. Les's link to Amazon is more clear cut than Newegg's. Make sure the card has drivers for the operating system in use.
    If you have a new computer with Win 7 or 8 make sure the card will work on those systems, if the listing does not say, skip it and try another. Most cards available will work on Win 98 through Win Vista.
  9. Les, my understanding was that the port was made by Nikon. It came with the Coolscan. Do I then assume that it's a specialty item and that purchasing any other port would not work? Sorry to be so dumb about these things, but I just had the part that was in the box installed and it worked! I didn't take any pictures of it, nor do I have a part number for it.
  10. Yes, what Les said - a generic fireWire (also called 1394) card will work fine; you don't need to have the one that Nikon supplied. I know because I purchased my 9000 scanner used and had to buy a fireWire card and install it on my PC to make it work.
    Also, you CAN use the scanner on a new PC with a 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system but there is one additional hoop through which you will have to jump. There is a description on the ColorNeg website which explains what needs to be done, as well as this discussion on PhotoNet. Fortunately, it is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.
    Good luck getting your scanner up and running again!

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