Part of my picture took from Leica M6 TTL is black

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by tianze_li, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    I just got my new leica 3 days ago, the seller said that this leica is a new one and it had only been tested one roll of film when he got it, which might happened long time ago.
    I just developed my first roll of film, and the result is wired. I've look at some posts, but not exactly the same problem.
    Could anyone help me out please. The picture look like this.
  2. Your shutter doesn't open entirely or the 2nd curtain catches a sluggish 1st one in one third of the image. - Technically time for a CLA and probably routine trouble. Neither knowing your contract nor seller I can't advise about returning the camera.
    Leicas are apparently known to suffer worse than Nikons from being unused shelf queens. I hope you only paid for what you got here.
  3. This issue has been covered in past threads. M6 shutter issues <<< click
    BTW: M6 TTL shutters are basically the same.
  4. The Leica M shutter is so quiet because it has very little spring power, and runs in a constant acceleration mode, not constant velocity. This makes it very sensitive to dirt or congealed lubricants in the shutter. So it will tell you in this way that it's time for a clean/lube/adjust.
  5. Late to the thread but here's a bit of advice that was given to me many decades ago by a veteran Leica shooter: exercise your shutters every month, don't let the camera sit untouched for extended periods. I have a few Leicas I haven't used for years, but I take them out every month for a little 'exercise'. The old girls need a little air every month.

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