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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am interested in buying a leica screw mount camera but i am wondering which is their earliest camera that offers a parallax viewfinder.
  2. What is a parallax viewfinder?
  3. Parallax is an effect in photography where the image seen in the viewfinder is not framed the same as the image seen through the lens, because the viewfinder is in a slightly different position to the lens. This effect is most noticeable with subjects close to the camera, and becomes relatively insignificant at longer distances. All cameras with separate viewfinder and taking lens suffer to some degree from parallax error. Cameras which view the scene through the taking lens.
    Basically a viewfinder like the canon iiia. Thats the first camera that comes into my head.
  4. If we are talking a parallax corrected VF, only the IIIg has that. All other LTM Leicas only have a simple "peephole". I
    am not familiar with non-leica cameras, unfortunately.

  5. Parallax corrected is the correct term, or parallax compensating viewfinder. All M models have it (M-bayonet), but only the IIIG has it of the screw mount Leicas.
  6. As Soeren says, the only screw Leica with a parallax corrected V/F is the IIIg. It is also the only one with frame lines, and those for two focal lengths. For earlier bodies you can get accessory finders with parallax correction. In my opinion the VIOOH (also called IMARECT) is the best of these.
  7. There are automatic parallax correction viewfinders, like those of the IIIg and M models (other than the M1), but there are also manual parallax viewfinders such as the accessory shoe add on VFs for the earlier III series screw mount Leicas, and some of the best in terms of quality price are the modern brightline Voigtlander Cosina VFs which go well with the III series Leicas. Parallax correction by added VF brightline is in one direction only, up-down, but the accessory shoe is usually directly above the lens, thus an additional left-right corection is usually not necessary.
  8. Later Canon screw thread RFs had pin operated viewfinder correction coming from the camera.

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