Parallax Adjuster for Uashica Mat 124

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by gary evans, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. I saw one of these on Ebay a few months ago and let it go.

    Well, I got my first roll of film back recently with cut off heads
    caused by parallax.

    Does anyone know where I can get a parallax corrector for a Yashica
    Mat 124? I've been checking Ebay, but there are no auctions for one
    of these for a Yashica. I also did a google search, but couldn't
    come up with anything.

    Any ideas?
  2. OK, obviously a typo in the title...
  3. I believe the item you're looking for is called a "paramender." Rollei made one, I don't know that Yashica ever did.

    Anybody know if the distance between Bay 1 lenses was different from Bay 2/3? The Yashica is uses Bay 1 accessories on the lenses, as do some of the Rollei TLRs. As long as the paramender works for Bay 1, it will work for your Yashica.
  4. There was also a paramender for the Mamiya TLR's. Even if the distance between the focusing and taking lenses of the Yashica and the Mamiya aren't exactly the same (I have no idea if they are), it should be more than close enough for things like group shots.
  5. While you are waiting for ebay may I recommend two time tested and cheap solutions?

    1. Use a red china marker to draw a line on the focusing screen corresponding to the top of the film frame at your typical focusing distance. With my Minolta autocord I found that the red line was a good reminder to recompose ~2.5 inches down no matter what the distance. Advantage is it works without a tripod, unlike the parallax corrector thingy.

    2. If you really want to use a tripod to get rid of parallax, just use a tripod that has an elevator center column, and devise a way to limit the center column's travel to ~2.5 inches. I would suggest a hose clamp around the center column as a limiting device.

    BTW, the parallax compensating device you are thinking of is really more useful for macro photography than portraiture
  6. There's only two inches' difference between lenses. Putting an imaginary apple on the subject's head will account for that - up close it's important and it becomes less relevant with distance. If you're losing entire heads you'll need a different cure.
  7. There is also the 'Paradjuster' made by Minolta for their Autocord TLRs. These definetely take Bay 1 accessories, so the Paradjuster should fit your Mat. They occasionally show up on eBay.

    BTW - another must have in the series of ingenious Minolta accessories for your TLR is the Autopole - a contraption of two polarising filters where the one in front of the taking lens is automatically kept in the same position as the one in front of the viewing lens!
  8. My Automat had the parallax correction in viewscreen. My older Standard didn't. A cople of grease pencil marks for close and far focusing were enough to reduce the decapitation factor. I used the old Standard more and had become so used to automatically tilting the camera to compensate that when using the Automat of often overcorrected. I am negotiating for a T at present and don't know if it has the built in correction, but I doubt if it will make any significant difference.

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