Papers for new Epson 2400

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by susannauk, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Hi

    I've just ordered a new Epson 2400, and am a bit overwhelmed by the
    choice of papers and which ones to try... ;)

    Does anyone know anywhere in the UK to get hold of sample packs??

    Failing that, can someone recommend a fair selection of papers to
    try first, to investigate the 2400's capability.
  2. You do get an Epson sample pack with the 2400, but it only includes Premium Glossy and
    Archival Matte (A4). I have yet to try other Epson papers, but have ordered a Pack of Velvet
    Fine Art, which is supposed to be good. There are ICC profiles for the 2400 for Ilford
    Galerie and Kodak papers, but I have yet to try them as there seems to be a consensus
    that Epson printers work best with Epson papers (but I'm willing to be told otherwise).

    I suspect you can get sample packs from quite a few places, e.g. Calumet, 7 day shop,
    even Jessops, probably.
  3. Sue,

    I would suggest the following papers:

    1. For normal color & B&W printing: Epson Premium Semi-Gloss or Ilford Galerie Smooth

    2. For fine art (matte) color & B&W printing: Epson Velvet Fine Art or Hahnemuhle Photo
    Rag Satin (310gr), this latter being my favorite.

    Best regards,
    Jose Salcedo
  4. Unfortunately for you, paper choice is like film choice (and developer choice if you shoot b&w) but there are many more papers to choose from than there are films.

    And, like a film choice, each paper takes a bit of use to dial in. A few sheets won't do it.

    The good news is, just like film, there are no really bad papers out there and you can learn to love any of them.

    First decide if you like matte (Epson Enhanced Matte is a good place to start) or glossy (Epson Premium Glossy is a good start) and that will make your selection process a bit easier.
  5. I tried and love COstco's "Kirkland Premium Photo glossy paper" great results printing in monochrome awesome neutral black tones, even used the warm setting and achieved an "agfa bromide dark brown tint with it. I had problems with Ilford's smooth glossy but I'm sure I will find the right settings to make it work.

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