Pantium DL1000

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  1. has anyone ever heard of this camera (pantium DL1000) ? i did a google search and got nothing. it looks like a fancy (HA) plastic camera. there are a few aperature settings: sunny (f16), sunny with some clouds (f11), cloudy (f8), and really dark and cloudy (f6.3) these are numbers right on the lens. the lens is one pice of plastic at the front, maybe two but i cant tell. non-removable lens. 50mm and its "focus free." there is no shutter speed. but it sounds/looks consistant. maybe 1/125? i dont know. so if anyone has some info on this camera "PANTIUM DL1000" let me know. it seems kinda cool, got it from my grand-daddy, says he took it to europe once and never used it again. ill shoot a roll sometime soon. i want to see more info about it before i do. thanks!
  2. This is another variation on the same basic design. Most of the time these cameras have names that are similar to but not the same as actual camera companies. This is done to fool people into thinking 1. they're buying a name brand for a good price and 2. they will get quality results. ("Cannon" is a popular one. Google "Cannon TC 8000")
    I've not seen one that had a name similar to a computer processor line though. That's a new one.
    Run a roll through. Don't expect much in terms of results. But hey, alternative cameras are there for the fun. If you don't have fun, send it to your local electronics recyclers.
  3. Yeah there are maybe a hundred different models... all made by the same Taiwanese or Chinese company and sold through various distributers. They all have the same body design with the fake SLR viewfinder, flash and a lead block in the bottom to give them weight. The plastic on the front helps make the images lower contrast and fuzzy. I think there's a new variation out now with a digital LCD screen screen on it that counts your exposures and it sells as a "digital SLR". It's marketed anywhere were people might mistake it for a real camera... it's not really a toy, more of an international scam. As Rob suggests, they come branded in names similar to Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Minolta... so the underinformed will think they have the real thing. Even worse, some of them are actually branded AS Canon and Nikon. Olympia, Nikkanon, I found a website once that listed at least 50 different names.
  4. well this sounds terrible for people who were hoping for more. however should i expect holga type images from this thing? im not really expecting much since i got it for free. anyone know the shutter speed on these things?

    i think this camera is actually kinda cool, regardless of the scam.

    does anyone have some pictures from this type of camera?
  5. A review and pics by the 4 Corners Dark toy camera guy. It has an "optical lens", Woo Hoo! I might pick one of these up, they show up all the time at my local goodwill.
  6. i have that camera.. i just found her in my house and actually im with my nikon but i think i would be fine to learn how to use that one...

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