Panorama Tools to defish 8mm fisheye, help!

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by camilla, May 14, 2005.

  1. I am trying to figure out how to defish my images in Panorama tools. I
    use an 8mm Sigma cirkular fisheye on a Canon 20D. I don't have much
    experience using PT, and I have fiddled for hours with the "adjust"
    filter. I can't seem to find the right way to stretch the image so
    that only the corners need to be cropped out. I can only get a
    cylinder like a "semi-fisheye", or a rectilinear with only a very
    small part in the middle usable. Is there anyone out there with
    experience of 8mm fisheyes who can help?
  2. Really, it's easier to "stitch" a single image using PTGui with Pano Tools to do this conversion, but for the plugins, try this:

    1. Extend/crop the image canvas to a square that just includes the image circle.
    2. Use Remap (or PTRemap) to convert from Fisheye Horizontal to PSphere 180x180 degrees.
    3. Use Adjust (or PTAdjust) to convert from PSphere to whatever you need, e.g. 90 degree rectilinear:

    Select Insert, and Use Options
    Click Set
    Under Images, set HFOV=180, Format Psphere.
    Under Panorama, Set HFOV=90, Format rectilinear
    Under Stitching, set Load buffer, and "or paste", Colour correction none. Uncheck Save to buffer. Click OK OK.

    I suggest you use the latest 16-bit versions of the plugins from and the up-to-date pano12.dll from Jim Watter's page .

  3. Thank you! That helped a lot.
  4. why have a fisheye if you don't want the effect?!
  5. Claude, I love the fisheye, but also want to use it as an ultrawide where the fisheye-effect is less pronounced. In the future I also hope to learn how to stitch panoramas with images from it.
  6. Camilla, I have a tutorial for stitching images from the Sigma 8mm fisheye that you might like to make a note of:

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