" panorama" $1.00 35mm

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  1. I have a vivitar plastic 35mm camera with a panorama feature
    2 blades obscure part of the film opening and pop up in the
    this is a point and click modern equivalent to a box camera.
    question will walmart print these photos in the panorama format?
    or will i get normal prints with wide top and bottom borders?
    I am looking for 135-12 rolls as i don't want to shoot up a whole roll
    as an experiment.
    I find these little cameras at salvation army ( aka SA Botique)
    pricing is crazy some are marked at .99 and the next identical one is
    I only find 35mm plastic toy cameras, once in a great while 110
    or 126 but never 127.

    question 2, how toy-like or simple does a camera have to be to be
    valid for this forum?
  2. I have an Ansco Panaorama Pix, which have sort of a cult following. I picked mine up at the local thrift shop for $.99. These are great "toy" cameras. You have to tell the photofinisher that they are in panoramic mode and they will print appropriately...

    The simpler, the better...
  3. Here is a gallery that show what can be done with an el cheapo panorama camera... Remember, it's the photographer, not the camera:

  4. Do you have a scanned output you can show us?


    Kieran Mullen
  5. Walter, I think your Vivitar isn't really "panaramic" per se, but a masked, standard 35mm frame. What I mean to say is, the image isn't longer than a standard 35mm but is a cropped standard 35mm (top and bottom).

    I may be wrong, but my mother-in-law had one and this is how her's was. Your, of course, could be different.
  6. Holy cow! I just realized how I spelled panoramic; wow. I think I'm getting more stupider each day.
  7. Of course, it's a pseudo panoramic camera that just chops of the bottom and tops of the frame... usually a 28mm lens... still lots of fun!
  8. I believe walmart will print panoramic in house, it will be the same size as an aps panoramic. If not, the send out service will do it. The previous post is correct, it is not a true panoramic, however I use a minolta vectis aps slr s-100 camera (just purchased at ritz for $40!!)and am pleased with the shots.
  9. The obvious solution is to ask Walmart.

    I remember when Kodak came out with the original "stretch" camera, it had a 24mm lens, so it actually was wider angle than normal disposables. But all the panoramics I've seen lately have the normal 33mm or so lens. Just blow a shot up to 8x12 and crop it off.
  10. I also purchased one of these masked 35mm cameras for 50p [English groats]. Great little plastic thing. Bit dodgy at either end of the frame but ok. I think I must have dropped mine since it seemed to have double vision here [Tour of Flanders]. Scanned print [ASDA photo :)]
  11. I have a Vivitar plastic camera with a 22mm lens. It's full frame though, not "cropped panoramic".
  12. Bob- I have the Ansco Pix-the pano mask pops right out.I use it both ways.Not sure what MM the lens is -but it's pretty wide.

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