Panning with a Panasonic G1?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by robert_thommes|1, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. What kind of success could I expect if I were to try panning with a Panasonic G1 (or any other m4/3rds camera, for that matter)? I can pan very successfully with my DSLR gear; as I do this all the time for kid's hockey games. But the m4/3rds is not the same, or as responsive, as the DSLR. So, would you think that this is a technique better left to the DSLR gear, and should not be too highly considered for the G1?
    I'm not talking about making any "panoramic" shots. But the panning as when following the action; snapping the shutter at the right times to catch the action.
    Your thoughts, please. Thanks.
  2. mtk


    Hi Robert,
    IMHO stick with the DSLR for hockey. I shoot baseball and indoor basketball with my D90 with a pretty decent success rate using a 70-200 2.8 and shooting with high ISO.
    Hockey is one of the toughest sports to shoot due to the obvious speed that it is played.
    I just purchased a G1 and love it so far, but I am skeptical that I would be even remotely successful with the G1 with the "kit" lens
    Just my thoughts.....
  3. Mark,
    Thanks for respondiing.
    I think I would stick with the DSLR for hockey. I know that it works, and with good and consistant results. That's about the only reason that I'm using the DSLR anymore. I can use my other (lighter/smaller) gear for about everything else, and with results that equal the DSLR. When the grandkids are through with hockey (at least 3 more years), I'll likey be through with DSLR gear.
    I was asking this more in a general sort of way. For like: taking a shot of a moving car, or runner; freezing the object, but blurring the background for the feeling of motion. Just don't know how reliable the G1 or any m4/3rds camera can be for this situation. Hence, my question.
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    Robert, like I mentioned I just have had mine for 4 days and just getting familiar with the menus.
    So far I am very impressed with this camera. I love my D90, but dragging that thing around wiht a battery grip and 17-50 2.8 glass I wanted to try something different and lighter that had great image potential. Also my wife hates the 90 because of the size
    I find it humorous that the biggest gripe seems to be the lack of fast glass for it. I think that with good technique and a little post processing this camera can hold its own.
  5. It's interesting to note that the G1 was Panasonic's first m4/3rds camera, and really was maybe one of the best 1st generation cameras made. Sure others have improved a few things on it, but in general, I think the G1 hit the ground running. So, though it's several generations old by now, it's still considered quite the respectable camera.
  6. It all depends on the camera's processor and how fast it can refresh the screen. Some (newer models) are faster than others. A quick and dirty test is to just rotate the camera about the lens axis and see what sort of lag there is on the screen. I have an E-PL2, not so great on panning.
  7. You mean change the camera's position from horizontal to vertical, etc? There's no lag at all, if that's what you mean by rotating around the lens axis.
  8. Yep, spin it. If you don't see lag, then you should have a good chance of being able to pan the camera. You'll just have to try it to see how well it works.
  9. Thanks, Bruce. I'll give it a try. But based on your "quick and dirty test", the camera seems to track spot on. If there's any delay, I didn't notice it.
  10. If you can lock focus with a half press of the release button, my guess is that panning will be much as it is with an SLR. Smearing in the V/F may make things a little difficult but it cannot ruin exposures.
  11. Should not be a problem with an electronic finder. Follow focus may be a little smeary in low light conditions. Let us know what turns out. I think my manual and my Rockynook GH2 handbook I just bought from Amazon deal with this practice. A stabilizing monopod might be what I would employ in the field to get a smoother and leveler pan. Just a thought anyhow. I have a G-1 and a GH2, and am impressed with the finder refresh rates... (PS: Look for even greater improvements along these lens in the near future models. Powerful processors follow old Moore's Law....or old Schwartz's Law,-- whatever:)
  12. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions on this. I will give it a try the first chance I can. Might try just panning cars as they pass in front of my house, at first.

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