Pancolar f/8.0 on new film Silver Plus

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  1. Just out of bed after a fortnight’s bout of Gastritis. Bought a new film Silver Plus ASA 125, of unknown provenience. It is packed, cartoned and labeled in India near Delhi, by the same guys who make Nova NP22. A ten pack cost the equivalent of $6.00.

    The lens Pancolar, came with my VXIIa. I could rebuild the VXIIa [posted earlier], but the lens was mangled and the barrel ovalled. The diaphragm was damaged fully. Sent it to Mr Yazdani of Kamera Werke, Calcuta. He would wait for 6 to 9 months to see if he could come by an old diaphragm. No such luck!

    I persuaded Mr.Yazdani with great difficulty to put in a fixed aperture disc at f/8.0, as I take pictures mostly in daylight. He thought that was near blasphemy and immoral! This man is devoted to manual cameras of old time. After one full year he put in a fixed aperture disc and sent me the re-built lens. He would not send me a bill until I “certified” that it was good and working well. I wonder how such people are made and how they get along in today’s world. They give me hope.

    So here are some test pictures from my first trial strip. Sorry, I could not venture far from home and pick a theme of interest. Too weak to even carry a tripod and use it.

    Took these pictures on the way to buy grocery and veggies. Some of the scenes may be familiar due to my earlier posts. The lens seems impressive. The new film seems to develop good tones; may be a bit grainy; but I like the grains anyway! May venture out next week for better themes.
    Thank you for your patience and comments. Regards, SP.
  2. The rebuilt Pancolar lens on VXIIa.
  3. Another view.
  4. Sample pictures.
  5. Recall the boutique.
  6. I really like the Halo around the bright areas. The resolution is quite sharp! Perhaps you have invented a new way of rehabilitating old lenses? I would enjoy seeing some close up shots with this lens to evaluate the depth of focus. Glad you are feeling better.
  7. A coffee parlour; more exotic items than local. caters to upper middle class and so is stagnant, now.
  8. The potters business is expanding! he targets a more common consumer.
  9. Another view of the potter's yard.
  10. A shady street to nowhere! Residential, basically, but getting encroached upon like all urban spaces.
  11. Awesome Subbarayan! Mr. Yazdani sounds like is quite the camera-hero. Hope you are feeling better.
    The Nova company should go international on ebaay. There's a Chinese company on there that sells 10-packs of Lucky brand ASA100 film for $23.
    As for your boutique pic, it reminds me of a friend of mine in West Africa who worked for a soda company, they put up ads with a young western woman in a miniskirt and there was a huge uproar over it and they had to take it down. Do you find the "western ideal" is encroaching on the neighbourhood's sensibilities?
  12. Ah Russ! here is a picture I tried to verify the OOF planes; I think I need to do more close up with flowers and the like.
  13. Al, this neighbourhood is full of Retired people and yuppy professionals. So the atmosphere is very liberal. Regards, sp.
  14. An amazing story about the lens. The Film looks GREAT! What a deal. I image shooting with fixed aperture lens is akin to riding a fixed gear bicycle. Not as flexible but works well and gets you there. Thank you for this interesting post.
  15. Well that's one way to ensure you have a circular aperture! F/8 and forget it!
  16. SP, great pics. I too love the tones, and as Russ said, you've now documented the Pancolor f/8.0 glow :).
    By the way, I so wish that when roads are paved in India, the tenders would specify paving of the sidewalks as well. That would go so far in reducing dust and debris in the cities.
    Interesting that Kamera Werke is still in business. I just read up a story on Yazdani , I remember that even in the late 70's my parents would insist that I not take the Nikon F and Nikkors for service to his "guru" Lateef since he was not well-known to them, instead prefering another legend called Atul Das whose shop was also in the general vicinity of central Calcutta. It looks like Atul Das or sons are no longer in business, at least no references on the web.
  17. SP
    Sorry to hear you were laid low with sicknesss! I sincerely hope you're on the way to recovery!
    Great story about the lens. This "guru" seems like a really neat person. Indeed, they give you hope!
    Interesting new film. You've got a pretty unique printing or maybe developing technique going there where you hold the highlights tight and glowing and still pull out the detail in the shadow. For overall balance the new "Dairy Queen" is great. For the technique I mentioned the first of the terra-cotta pots.
    is a good example.
    I will read the story about your repairman. Thanks S. Chatterjee
  18. I wonder what this lens will do in color? Should be very sharp and contrasty. The out of focus areas do look quite interesting and unusual.
  19. It's great to have you back. We've missed that tropical sun as revealed by old DDR technology.
    Alas, I know of no equivalent here in the USA of Mr. Yazdani. What a national treasure he is.
  20. Subbarayan,
    Great photos. Fixed aperture lenses is interesting solution, albeit I would not recommend it to everyone. And for such close proximity to the equator, like India I would prefer 16. But I have never been to India so my judgment might not be correct.
  21. Al, most of these models are Indians; modeling is becoming a big time profession now as the industry booms with ads, especially TV and magazine ones. sp.
    Russ, yes I shall try some color with the new India made Fuji pro film on this camera. Thanks for the suggestion. sp.
  22. Louis, Patrick, Shash thanks. I need to eplore some on what the circular aperture does, really!
    Chuck, thanks; I don't do any prinitng nowadays. Just develop the negatives in my home-brew and scan them on to the computer. Saves a lot fo time and space. And no dark room is needed except for loading the film on to the reel. I think this film has a wider lattitude than the earlier Sterling 125 that I used. Also I shot these pictures at 100ASA though the film is rated at 125ASA. Regards, sp.
  23. Thanks JDM, it is nice to be back; I am some times [in my dreams] tempted to go to Calcutta for a few weeks and work as an apprentice to Mr.Yazdani! But then, like most people of his ilk he is a very private person. I tried to persude him to write a book or notes on camera repair; but he laughed it off! He converses very little, much like the "wise old owl who sat on a nook..." But every time, I am inspired by his words and learn one or two things. sp.
  24. Thanks KP; I chose the f/8.0 as the optimum because most test reports on the Pancolar say that is where it resolves the best. I could have opted for f/11.0; but f/16 may induce diffraction from the edges of the iris! Regards, sp.
  25. Glad to see you up and about, always great to see pictures from your home city. Well done for focussing your Exakta at F8, I find them hard enough at 2.8!
  26. Thank you Tony! I have a ground glass screen in the Pentaprism viewer. That helps; with a Fresnel screen I would go for the zone system, I guess! sp.

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