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  1. Well, I just scored 400 feet of Panatomic-X, expired in 1972. E-bay total delivered, 74 bucks. A chance I was willing to take. I shot a test roll yesterday and developed in D-76 1:1, 9 minutes +/- . The results are very nice. They even look good as scans from my Epson 4490. I shot it at EI 32 and the negatives look good. I have heard great things about this film and I'm happy to have scored some in good condition. I've read Rodinal is also good with this film, I'll have to give it a try. Any other advice / developer combos is appreciated.
  2. Another...
  3. Last one.
  4. Microdol-x, 1 to 3 , with Pan-x is great.
  5. I saw that auction, more than I was willing to pay. But I was sure it was a safe buy.
  6. My favorite combination for Panatomic-X was shooting it at 64 and developing it in Edwal FG-7 1:15 with plain water for the time shown on the data sheet. The sharpness was excellent, the tonality was very nice and the grain was barely visible.
  7. Shoot it at 18 and pull a little in D-76. Never was as good as Agfapan 25 though.
  8. I am amazed it is good after more than 35 years, given the destructive nature of
    cosmic gamma radiation even on refrigerated film (some film manufacturers even
    used deep mine shafts to attempt to avoid this destruction).

    Has it had an effect on film speed (apparently not from what you mention)? On
    critical tonality? Perhaps you could try some comparison shots of the same subject
    with a modern alternative (Pan-F, Adox, etc.).
  9. I think I will do just that. I have about 1000 feet of Pan-F from when it was on sale from Freestyle. The next nice day I'll have to shoot both films. I always wanted to try Pan-X and I had my doubts about the film. As far as speed loss, I think it's next to nothing. Base fog... next to nothing. For less than 20.00 per 100' I did alright (this time) I shot another roll in some nice late afternoon light while cutting wood. Maybe I'll soup in some Rodinal.

    Arthur, that film was made before I was born, sitting on a shelf for sale somewhere the day I was born, and was expired a year later. Pretty amazing.
  10. I sold off my two 100' rolls of Pan X, since I found fresh Plus X gave more contrast. I love Pan X, but the Plus X told me it was time to sell the old film. I still have a couple rolls of Pan X in the freezer should I decide to shoot a roll.
  11. I still have both Panatomic-X and APX 25 in 35mm and 120 sizes in my freezer. I never liked APX 25 as much as I liked Panatomic-X. The APX 25 seemed more difficult to use and develop. Once I started using more medium format equipment I saw that even in 11X14 prints the results I got with Pan F+ or ACROS were at least as fine grained as what I would get with APX 25. I also have lots of Pan F+ in the freezer. Some of it is in a 200 foot roll of 35mm motion picture stock. The sprocket holes are slightly different but that hasn't caused a problem in any of the cameras I have used so far.
  12. Do the right thing and at least Try a roll in Microdol-X 1:0, shoot at 16 ASA. They were made
    for each other.
  13. Oh, my goodness, does that bring back fond memories. I remember Kodak had 50' rolls as
    well as 100'.

    Have you tried Ilfords Pan F? It can be shot at 25 ASA and developed in Perceptol.

    Have a great week!
  14. Thanks all !
  15. Great just to read a discussion by people like me that still understand film/photography.I used to love plusX and microdol.....I don`t own anything digital.Heck I own two turntables, yes I have a cd player. Please print those negs in a darkroom, and really see what they can do.Enjoy your find.....
  16. You think you are retro playing records. Well I just bought two 8 track decks! Hows that for retro! I even made up a new tape this past week.

    I still have a few rolls of Pan X in 120 which I got from someone I traded some 35mm for. They will serve for some special shoot, should one come its way.

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