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  1. Has anyone had experience with this nifty "point and shoot" that has a Leica lens, shoots raw images, and is fully adjustable as if it were a DSLR? I recently purchased one and am looking for observations and tips on how to get the most out of this camera. I bought it for trips and occasions where taking lots of equipment is a drag. Thanks. Larry
  2. I certainly enjoy using my LX5. I use it in much the same way as you do. I shoot quite frequently in the P (program) mode. I seldom use the various scene modes. The camera does a good job, and I like the image quality. I bought a Metz 24 AF-1 flash unit to use when I want a bit more power than the built-in flash unit. The lens cap doesn't bother me a bit. I had an LX2 before this camera. Carry it when you are out and about, and you will come home with some good pictures.
  3. Looks to be almost the same thing as my Leica D-lux 4 with slightly different cosmetics. The Leica D-Lux series are all re-badged Panasonics. A good camera, overall. I like that the zoom range starts at 24mm; don't like that it ends at 60mm (equivalent). The High-ISO range goes to 3200. At that high ISO uniform areas such as the sky can look quite blotchy! The sensor is very tiny, it is not a D700, so it's best to use the lowest sensitivity needed for the shot. The f/2 lens helps you to keep from setting the ISO too high.
    I'd have preferred that the full 10.1MP occur at the 16:9 setting, and not the 4:3 setting. I think they got it right with my D-Lux 3, where the 10.1 is reserved for 16:9, while the 3:2 has 8.5MP, and the 4:3 gets 7.5MP. That seems more logical to me. And the D-Lux 3 zooms in to 90mm eq. But the D-Lux 4 (LX5) zooms out to 24mm, and I love it for that! And it has f/2, to the f/2.8 of the earlier model. The two cameras thus complement each other, and I take them both on trips. I can carry them both in one photo-vest pocket! All my color shots in France were taken with this pair!
    Get an extra battery from Amazon. They are not expensive.
  4. Panasonic makes an external viewfinder - model number DMC-LVF1 - that I find very useful with the LX5. Sooner or later, you'll find yourself trying to shoot in bright sunlight such that the LCD is unreadable. This viewfinder saves the day. It's small and unobtrusive, and it tilts so that you can shoot with the camera held low. Granted, it's electronic and not the best image, and it blurs when you move the camera. All the same, it often makes the difference between being able to frame the shot or not. I think it's around $145 new, and used ones pop up on Fred Miranda from time to time. Worth every penny, I think it greatly enhances the versatility of the LX5
  5. I have the earlier version, the LX3, and continue to be extremely pleased with it. I bought the tube for it, used a 46-52 step-up so I could use any of my many 52mm polarizers and UVs, and I use a Nikon 28mm lens shade on it (HN-5?). Yes, it makes camera bulkier, but it allows for the use of filters, shades, and seals the lens from dirt. I use an old big, heavy and bulky shoemount Olympus T-32 flash with mine (yes, I checked trigger voltage, and have used it for thousands of pictures without a problem). With a non-OEM interface flash, the thing synchs at all shutter speeds, meaning one can get some big fill-flash distances out of it. I need a lighter cheap flash unit. Any advice?
  6. I just picked up a used LX3 and am happy with the camera. Former M2 user and been out of photography for about 6-7 years. As for flash I picked up a Promaster 2500 Digital for $70. It is small and the head tilts for bounce. I like the 24mm and f2 but wish the zoom went a bit beyond 60mm equiv. [​IMG]
  7. The shot of the couple was in New York City at night. About 2 feet away, I was almost in the booth with them. 24mm f2 1/25 at asa 800. Not bad for pushing it that much. [​IMG]
    This little book has some good reviews at I'm pleased with my LX5. Easy to use and produces better than average shots. Very good lens. I just ordered the lens tube to make use of filters and am pleased with daytime landscape and night shots. Grab shots with this little camera have very good to excellent quality. Pics are sharp with good contrast in varied lighting conditions .. battery life is good for a day's work. I bought a spare battery but have never really needed it. It still suffers from digital signatures when shooting into the sun (a bit disappointing) or a hot light source .. so I would caution against that. I keep thinking I can do things digitally like I did with film ..but for all other things this camera does quite well .. reds look red, yellow looks yellow and green looks green (that's refreshing).
    I played with in-camera flash and decided not to bother with it. An aux flash unit has more utility .. of course this could just be my inexperience with this model camera. I've toyed with the idea of Fuji X100 which seems to do skin tones just right for my liking, but they want too much for that right now. I will tell you that the LX5, once you set it up to your liking, requires very little post processing work .. and prints right from the camera are quite good.
  9. From my experience, there is nothing like the real deal…
    Leica D-LUX 5
    16:9 series
  10. Or B&W from the camera.
  11. Tsingdao former German governer mansion[​IMG]
  12. Town of Thousand Lamps, in Kunshan, Jiangsu.[​IMG]
  13. Detail of a Tug Boat, probably at the 60mm end.[​IMG]
  14. The Tug itself.[​IMG]
  15. "I like that the zoom range starts at 24mm; don't like that it ends at 60mm (equivalent)."
    That was true of the LX3. LX5 is 24-90 equivalent, f/2-3.3.
    It helps to shoot raw to get the most out of the camera. I'm not real impressed with the white balance presets, I pretty much always need to use manual white balance when shooting indoors w/o flash.
  16. Tom
    Thanks everyone for your responses. I especially like the images that you all attached. I am also impressed with the detail and color this camera produces. I did purchase the photographer's guide book to the camera and find it essential. The manual that comes with the camera is almost useless. Your immediate responses also speak to the enthusiasm with which you use this camera. I will be posting more images taken with the Lx5 in the near future.
    Thanks again. Larry
  17. I have an LX5, which I keep with me on my motorcycle. If you're used to a FF DSLR (or a Leica M9), then the images are just 'acceptable'. But by themselves, or compared to most other P&S cameras, it measures up quite nicely.

    A friend has a Canon S95 (the LX5's nearest competitor) and the Panasonic eats it for lunch. The LX5 images are noticeably richer by comparison - at leased IMHO. It’s those Leica-designed optics.
    To be fair, though, this reviewer apparently disagrees -
  18. Bill, Thanks for sending these links. I read them all and am pretty happy with my Lx5 choice. The clarity and vivid color of the Lx5 images blows me away for a P&S. Thanks for taking the time to do the research. Larry
  19. The Panasonic LX5 is essentially the Leica D-Lux 5 - same camera, same optics, etc. (without the red dot). Only the firmware is different (the Leica firmware is substantially better by comparison, IMHO). You can, however, process your LX5 RAW images in PS to approximate the results from the Leica.
    Look here:
    here (it's amazing to me how people justify paying more than twice as much for identical rebadged/retagged cameras):

    and here:
    Just do a Google search for 'LX-5 vs D-Lux 5' for more hits.
  20. Bill,
    Do you know of any developing presets for the LX5 for Lightroom?
  21. Do you know of any developing presets for the LX5 for Lightroom?​
    Unfortunately, I do not. I tried Lightroom some time ago, but no longer use it. I use Photoshop CS5 (no presets).
  22. My Panasonic FX35 with a Leica lens does very well. It is tiny, can slip into my pocket and nobody knows it is there. 10MP resolution is fine, and a good wide zoom range (25-115mm).
    Below photo taken of the airplane we flew on from Seattle to Amsterdam last September, taken with the Panasonic FX35:
  23. Thanks to everyone for this interesting exchange on the Lx5 and other Panasonics. The comments and images are most interesting and informative. I am glad I started this conversation. Larry
  24. I have hundreds of cameras, but the only digital camera I own is the LX5. It is compact, powers up nearly instantly,
    and focuses faster than anything else which was available when I bought it. It shoots well in a variety of conditions,
    and it renders colors nicely. The battery life is excellent, After more than a year of use, I have yet to be stuck with a
    dead battery. I will upgrade to the new GX1, which is now selling here in Japan, I got to spend a day with one last
    weekend, and I really liked it. .
  25. My GF liked my LX5 so much (she borrows it every time she goes out) I ended up buying her one for Christmas.
  26. Good to see some Panasonic love. I was so tempted to get the LX5 but for me it was too short. I went with the FZ40 for raw, 14MP, and the 25-600 zoom. I only shoot raw and love it. It cost $300.00 new and comes with SILKYPIK Developer Studio 3.1SE software to process raw images with is so much easier than using photoshop. Battery life is incredible.
  27. The only negative from being the perfect camera is having an Elmarit instead of the Summicron lens. Which is drool worthy!
  28. Jeff, So far I couldn't agree with you more about the LX5. Mine has not disappointed me yet. It's great. There is an interesting, quirk if not problem - portraits saved as tiff files after processing from RAW seem to over-expose after they are saved. I wonder if this is because Panasonic was not originally compatible with CS5, but was intended to be processed using Panasonic's SilkyPix. I seem to have solved the problem in CS5 by saving the portraits as psd files.
    Terry, The FZ40 sounds like quite a camera. I need to use SilkyPix more to learn its capabilities. I am sure it's a decent editor, but wonder if it has the range of editing and adjustment as CS5. I will delve into it more.
  29. I've owned an LX2 and LX3 and plan to buy an LX5 for the extra zoom reach. The IQ is
    very good, portability is key. I really believe the Leica lens makes a big difference when
    compared to other small enthusiast cameras.
  30. I've owned an LX2 and LX3 and plan to buy an LX5 for the extra zoom reach. The IQ is
    very good, portability is key. I really believe the Leica lens makes a big difference when
    compared to other small enthusiast cameras.

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