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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by simon_hickie|1, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. I am currently using the G1 with the kit 14-45mm lens. The G1 is getting more use than my Nikon D300 + 16-85mm lens due to the lighter weight being a better match for my back problems. The 16-85mm lens range is perfect for my needs both due to the range and the fact that it has VR. I cannot carry a tripod but sometimes use a monopod. If you take a look at my portfolio you will see the kind of photography I do.
    With m4/3 the ideal lens range would, therefore, be around 14-70mm but with some kind of image stabilisation (thus ruling out the Olympus 12-60mm lens). As I see it, I have two choices:
    1. Replace the 14-45mm with the 14-140mm
    2. Add the 45-200mm
    I am not averse to lens changing, but frequently find myself in the middle to upper end of the zoom range on the 16-85mm (around 30-60 mm on the m4/3 ratio).
    I'd be interested in hearing from any members with experience of the 14-140mm and/or 45-200mm lenses.
    Many thanks.
  2. Simon, I own a G1 (wonderful camera, by the way) with three lenses: the same kit 14-45 you have, the 20 1.7 (sharpest of the three lenses) and the 45-200. I DO NOT have the 14-140 but it almost sounds as though that would be best for you; I'm not impressed with the sharpness of the 45-200, at least as compared to the 20 and the 14-45. It does have the telephoto reach, but I find it less than satisfactorily sharp at the 200mm end.
    Perhaps you could find (maybe photozone?) some tests that compare the 14-140 and the 45-200 directly to help you make your decision. Other responders here may also know of sites that have tested the lenses.
    By the way, may favorite aspects of the G1 (besides the generally excellent IQ) are the articulating LCD, the drive mode switches - especially the self timer as I use the camera on a tripod a lot - the Kelvin WB settings and the WB fine tuning, and the general compactness of the thing, especially with the 20 1.7 on it.
  3. Thanks Ted. My experiences with the G1 so far are entirely positive too. I went for it precisely because of the articulating LCD as opposed to a smaller lighter Nikon body. Together with my Camera Raw settings, I am managing to extract IQ not a million miles short of the D300. For street and documentary photography, I don't like pointing cameras at people, but do like the more subtle 'TLR' type approach.
  4. Yes, I agree. The ability to hold the camera at waist level and shoot is great. I considered other large sensor compacts, but the GF1, EP series, etc. - none of them have articulating LCDs and that made my decision for me. I despise the "arms out" method of taking a picture, and didn't want to have to spring extra money for a less-than-accurate add on viewfinder.
  5. Am also interested in any input you get on the 14-140. A bountiful focal range. I plan to buy the GH-2 in near future and the question for me is to buy with or without the 14-140. F 4 is not thrilling, but not bad either..
  6. Hi Gerry and others,
    I have the 14-140 on the GH1 and love it. My basic kit is this lens with the 20/1.7 as a back up in those situations where light levels get really low. I no longer carry a fast 50mm MF lens for candid as I find using this lens at the long end can blur the background quite nicely by compression, and the resulting bokeh is soft and smooth. It focuses rapidly, and its various AF tracking modes are quite effective in shooting moving objects, such as a toddler. However a few people have this unconfirmed observation that with both the 14-140 and 45-200, if these lenses are used at the long end to shoot subjects that are not tightly framed, occasionally we get the focus just a bit off. This may be more of an issue with the CDAF though ... (BTW, my primary camera is Nikon and I have several pro level lenses and the 14-140 measures very well against those, especially considering its versatility)
  7. From reports on mu-43 et al, it seems like the 14-45 is a better lens than nearly any other zoom in Panasonic's or Olympus's range; it would seem silly to part with it, even if the 14-45 does overlap in range. I expect I'll pick one up eventually, but I'm living with two primes and one adapted prime at the moment.

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