Panasonic camera lens flange info needed

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gerry_szarek, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Good evening, so the thread a few down announces the new Panasonic
    camera. The good news is it does NOT have a mirror in it. So if
    somebody can get me the flange distance to film plane for this camera,
    I will see if a Leica M adapter can be made. Also how big physically
    is this sensor APC size or is it bigger? I suspect an M to 3/4 mount
    adapter can be made giving us a digital M minus the range finder.

  2. Given that the 4/3 system is supposed to be a "standard", I'm guessing that the distance is the same as similar Olympus 4/3 cameras.
  3. 1) It does have a mirror in it. The mirror operates sideways from the standard SLR design.
    The optical light path is the same as in the Olympus E330 ... see the E330 report on for how the optical and digital viewfinder works.

    2) The lens mount is the 4/3 system standard. This has a 38.75mm flange to focal plane
    register, about 11mm more than the Leica M. You will not be able to build an adapter
    without optics in it to fit Leica M lenses and achieve infinity focus.

    3) The sensor in the camera is 4/3 system standard size, 18.00 x 13.50 mm. The "crop
    factor" adjustment to estimate field of view equivalence to 35mm film format is 2x, eg: a
    21mm lens on the Panasonic will give approximately the field of view of a 42mm lens on a
    Leica M.

  4. Since M lenses won't work, you could always make an adapter for the R series. Still going to
    have to deal with that magnification factor...
  5. CameraQuest sells the Leica R to Olympus E adapter.
  6. Its seems that we will forever attempt to bastardize photgraphic equipment even faster than the manufacturers can get it to the market! ;<)) Best regards, Bill
  7. Its not "bastardization", its user centered innovation!

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