Pan F+ Sheet film.

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  1. I wrote to Ilford, inquiring about the possibility of creating their
    wonderful (IMO) Pan F+ in a 4x5 size. In short, the answer was no, but
    here is their response for those that might be interested:

    I'm afraid that there is no chance that Pan F+ will be produced in
    sheet film sizes. There are technical difficulties with applying this
    emulsion to the sheet film base, and there is not enough demand to
    warrent the research required to make the needed changes.

    David Carper
    ILFORD Technical Service

    So that's it. I half expected to get a letter from some sales rep
    suggesting I use their Delta 100 Sheet film because the grain was
    "comparable". I was pleasantly surprised that I received a very honest
    and straightforward response to my question. yay Ilford!
  2. Efke 25 is available as sheet film. Difficult to find though. It's also sold under the name "Wephota NP15" in Germany.
  3. John

    David is a very straight shooter at Ilford. I have received the same straight answers from him on other requests, specifically last time, on Ilford resuming production of their old Platinotype paper they discontined during WWI when he supply of metal dried up from Russia.

    BTW Kodak still makes Tech Pan in LF sizes, altough it is not the same.

  4. Ditto what Richard said. David Carper has always struck me as a straight shooter. Even when, early last year, he assured folks on the Ilfopro Cafe forum that Ilford's 220 format films would not be discontinued (they later were), I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was going on the information he was being given by the suits at Ilford. I'm betting the discontinuance left him a bit red-faced and maybe even a little pissed, considering that he was forced to contradict his earlier statement.
  5. Richard: I've thought about using TechPan for a while now, but the stuff is so darn expensive! At $2/sheet in 4x5 it's a bit pricey -- and it's only available in 50 sheet boxes, which is a little insane. I figured that if Ilford were to make the Pan F+ emulsion available it would be packaged in their regular 25- and 100- sheet boxes, and the price would be consistant with the rest of the line.
  6. Efke 25 is, as I said, available in sheet sizes under the name Wephota NP 15:

    Pretty cheap, huh?

    Can be special ordered from:

    If the demand is high, maybe can order home Efke PL25?
  7. J & C does sell Efke 25 in sheet film - I have a 50-sheet box in the freezer waiting for use..
  8. Yeah, you're right. I see that now. :*)

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